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Depending on where you live, if you have been clinically diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, you may be eligible to access gluten-free food on prescription. Click here to find out more. If you live in Ireland click here.

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    United Kingdom

    Juvela White and Fibre Fresh Loaves are available in selected Tesco stores across the UK including Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.


     DunnesSupervaluTescoLocal Pharmacy
    Juvela White Loaf Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Juvela Fibre Loaf Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Juvela White Rolls Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Juvela Fibre Rolls Yes Yes   Yes
    Pure Oats Yes Yes   Yes
    Flakes Yes Yes   Yes
    Flakes with Red Berries Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Crispy Rice   Yes Yes Yes
    Cornflakes   Yes   Yes
    Fibre Flakes       Yes
    Crispbread Yes Yes   Yes
    Tea Biscuits Yes Yes   Yes
    Digestives   Yes   Yes
    Sweet Biscuits   Yes   Yes
    Savoury Biscuits   Yes   Yes
    White Mix Yes* Yes*   Yes
    Fibre Mix       Yes
    Harvest Mix       Yes
    Spaghetti       Yes
    Fusilli       Yes

    *selected stores

    To find your closest Ireland stores, use the following Store finders:

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