About Us

The first choice for those in the know

There is a growing community for which ‘gluten’ is a problem, or in the case of coeliac disease, has a life changing impact.

Our in-house 'gluten free experts' know that taste is always top of the agenda for our gluten free customers and we feel passionately that gluten free should never be a compromise.

Whatever we produce, from real artisan bread and all-purpose flour mixes to authentic Italian pastas, we simply won't compromise until we deliver the most authentic taste and texture.

For us, delivering the best gluten free products isn't a job, it's our ethos, which is why Juvela has been the first choice for coeliacs for over 25 years.

Master Bakers

As making gluten-free bread on a large scale requires very different technologies to traditional bread-making, Juvela built a dedicated gluten-free bakery in the UK. For a loaf of bread to achieve the textural characteristics we all expect from a loaf, a blend of ingredients is used to emulate the properties of gluten. It's not an automated process, so Juvela's bakers have become gluten-free master bakers, developing the new baking skills required to make successful gluten-free bread.

Real bread

Overcoming technological challenges is just one part of the mix... customers' expectations are quite rightly high on the list too! Consumers want gluten-free bread that tastes 'just like the real thing'. Guided by simple principles that it must taste, look, feel and smell delicious, Juvela has worked hard to craft a unique recipe using real wheat with just the gluten removed. It is this authentic taste that Juvela's products continue to be known for today.


Juvela was created in Sweden by Semper Foods, a baby food and gluten-free manufacturer, who brought Juvela flour mixes and biscuits to the UK in the late 1980s. After becoming part of clinical nutrition company, SHS International in the early 1990s, Juvela was one of the first brands to introduce gluten-free bread into the UK.

1990s - 2000s

During the 1990’s Juvela continued to innovate within the gluten-free sector, introducing gluten-free part-baked loaves and rolls, and then in the Noughties launching gluten-free fresh bread, which has transformed the gluten-free diet for so many.

2006 - TODAY

Juvela became part of the Hero group in 2006. Founded in 1886 in Switzerland, Hero has grown into an international food company with a portfolio of nutritionally focused food brands. Being nutritionally sound is as fundamental to Juvela today as it was when they started and reflects Hero’s ethos of providing foods that can improve health and nutrition. All the fresh loaves and rolls contain less than 5% fat and are fortified with vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron and folic acid, making Juvela bread an excellent option when choosing a healthy balanced gluten-free diet.

The Personal Touch

As the leading provider of gluten-free foods for over 25 years we have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things gluten-free. Juvela's friendly and highly experienced customer service team are always willing to go that extra mile to answer a query. Whether it be product, diet or recipe related our team are here to help and support you every step of the way.