Living Gluten Free

Whether you need or choose to follow a gluten free diet, we've got all the information you need to lead a happy and healthy gluten free life.

What is a Gluten free diet?

A gluten free diet requires the avoidance of all sources of gluten in the diet. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

Find out which foods are safe, which require extra care, and which should be avoided.

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Real People, Real Stories

We spoke to real people about their experiences with coeliac disease, from diagnosis to today.

Read their tips for staying healthy and positive when living gluten free. 

Sticking to your gluten free diet

Getting a diagnosis of coeliac disease can be life changing. However, once you adapt to a new way of eating and learn how important it is to maintain a balanced and nutritious gluten free diet, not only will you feel much better and your symptoms will gradually disappear, but you can expect to lead a full and healthy life.

The best advice for ensuring that you stick to your gluten free diet is to plan ahead and be as organised as possible. 

Avoiding Cross Contamination

Gluten free food that is touched by any other gluten-containing foods during preparation, cooking and serving is considered “cross-contaminated”. As a coeliac, you’ll probably become sick of hearing the phrase cross-contamination, but learn to love it. It’s mostly common sense, but even the most practised person makes mistakes – so it’s really important to develop strict routines to make sure every environment is safe for you. As a friend, family member or parent of a coeliac, it’s really important to understand about avoiding cross-contamination from gluten-containing foods. Even the smallest amount of gluten can cause people with coeliac disease to experience symptoms and this can cause long term gut damage.

Educating others about coeliac disease

We think it’s important to always be open about what the coeliac condition actually involves food-wise. Once you have got to grips with a gluten free diet, it’s a really good idea to educate friends, family, colleagues, and anyone involved in caring for a coeliac in your family - or even refer them to this very site! 

Which foods should I check carefully

– Sausages and burgers
– Processed cheese and meat
– Ready meals
– Sauces and gravies
– Herbal tea, carbonated drinks, milkshakes

How to check labels for gluten

You might worry whether or not a product contains gluten, but all it takes to be safe is a quick scan of the ingredients list on a label.