How to use & store Juvela products

Our award-winning range of delicious, everyday staples help to make adjusting to a gluten free diet simple. To make sure you get the best out of the products in your Juvela Starter Pack, read our tips on how to use and store them properly.

Juvela White and Fibre Flour Mixes

The Juvela Mixes are gluten free flour substitutes. Perfect for all your baking needs, you can use our Mixes in place of traditional flour to make your favorite recipes gluten free.

  • The Juvela Fibre Mix is more absorbent than the White Mix because it is high in fibre. You might find that you need extra liquid in your recipes.
  • When you make bread, you need to make a thick batter rather than a dough. This will make your baked bread will light and fluffy.
  • The Mixes are great for use in automatic breadmakers. Try our easy recipe to make your own delicious gluten free loaf.
  • You might need a little baking powder for extra ‘lift’ in some cake recipes, so use 1tsp of baking powder per 200g Juvela Mix.
  • Making gluten free pastry can feel daunting, but it is easier than you might think. Always use cold hard fats and knead the pastry dough - you’ll get a lovely smooth dough.
  • Read our pastry recipe and check out our step-by-step guide to make gluten free pastry.

Juvela Longlife Loaves & Rolls

The Juvela Longlife Loaves and Rolls have the taste of freshly baked bread but have an extended shelf life.

  • Remember to refresh the bread before you use it to give it that ultimate oven-baked freshness. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to pop it in a microwave (have a look at the pack for more info).
    Wondering why you need to refresh?
    The special packaging enables the bread to have an extended shelf life, to allow optimum freshness for 13 weeks from the date it is baked. Because of the packaging, it is best to refresh your bread back to its original oven-baked freshness.
  • The part baked bread need to be oven-baked to finish off the baking process, the result is a fabulously crisp crust and soft light crumb!
    What about freezing?
    You don’t need to freeze the bread before opening - just store them in a cool dry cupboard. If you’ve opened a pack and won’t use it all within 2-3 days, pop in a sealed freezer bag and freeze.

Juvela Fresh Loaves & Rolls

Made with care in our dedicated gluten free bakery in Wales, our fresh loaves and rolls have the taste and texture of traditional bread.

  • Use your fresh loaves and rolls straight from the pack (no need to refresh)
  • Pop them in the freezer if you are not going to use them within a few days.

Recipe Inspiration

Whether it’s basic bread and cakes, cooking for a special occasion or you’d just like to try something a bit different, we’re sure to have a recipe to suit.

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