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Mother's Day Gluten free Afternoon Tea

08.03.2023 | by Juvela

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

Our Baker Box includes all the gluten free essentials that you need to create the best gluten free Afternoon Tea, this Mother's Day.

Halloumi, Sun Blushed Tomato & Rocket Sandwiches

A posh cheese and tomato sandwich that would sit proudly upon a gluten free Afternoon Tea tray. Make our Halloumi, Sun Blushed Tomato & Rocket Sandwiches for a delicious light bite. (To make sure you leave room for all the cakes!)

Goats Cheese & Beetroot Bruschetta

A classic combination. Goats cheese and beetroot, we may go rogue with our scones but this is a combination not to be messed with. Goats Cheese & Beetroot Bruschetta

Cream Cheese & Chargrilled Vegetable Bruschetta

We use our Part-Baked Rolls to make Cream Cheese & Chargrilled Vegetable Bruschetta. If you've never tried them, listen to what some of the visitors from the Allergy and Free From show thought (Spoiler, they LOVED them as much as we do!)


We can't stay away from cheese here at Juvela HQ, even the scones are cheesy but if savoury scones aren't for you, try our more traditional Fruited Scones. Perfect with cream and jam... or should that be jam and cream?

Cheese & Olive Scones 

Fruit Scones 

Lemon Drizzle Cake 

One of the most popular recipes on our website. Our Lemon Drizzle Cake is soft, fluffy and zingy. The perfect accompaniment to a gluten free Afternoon Tea.

Chocolate Orange Cake 

If you're making Afternoon Tea this Mother's Day for a chocolate lover, you can't go wrong with our Chocolate Orange Cake. No one will ever believe how easy it is to make based on how delicious it tastes!

Cooking for a coeliac 

Don't forget about the risk of cross contamination if you are cooking in a kitchen where gluten-containing foods are made. Don't let this stop you from cooking for your coeliac loved ones; you just need to remember that even the smallest of gluten-containing breadcrumbs can make a coeliac ill. 

Just follow a few golden rules:

  • Check all the ingredients that you are using are gluten free. You'd be surprised how sneaky gluten can be - it gets into all sorts of foods and ingredients.
  • If you're using your toaster, use toaster bags so that there is no risk of cross contamination.
  • Don't dip knives into jars and tubs you've already used, such as butter and jam; they are likely to have gluteny breadcrumbs in that can cross contaminate your gluten free cakes and sandwiches.

And don't forget, in all the excitement, to thoroughly wipe down all your work surfaces. Crumbs like to lurk!

If you have any questions about our gluten free recipes, our Home Economist Anna is here to help. Email or call 0800 783 1992.

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