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Gluten free Christmas recipes

29.11.2022 | by Juvela

Gluten free Christmas

The weather outside may be frightful, but come Christmas Day, you'll find us in the kitchen in our purple pinnies cooking up a festive orange and cranberry scented storm. 

Gluten Free Festive Breakfast Muffins

First stop - Breakfast. This year, nothing too heavy. Our Festive Muffins are a new recipe for 2022 and they really hit the spot! All the festive flavours of Christmas in one little case.

Picky bits (the best bits)

Our Part-Baked Rolls are delicious warm and smothered in butter, but have you tried putting them in the oven with rosemary, garlic and olive oil? We have and now that we've tried it we're making them all the time! Or how about hot chunks of squeaky cheese and a glass of fizz made even more special! We coated our Halloumi Bites in breadcrumbs and dipped them into chilli infused honey... delightful.

You can fill Pinwheels with whatever you have in the fridge, they're so versatile. We filled ours with cheese and Parma ham. 

Christmas dinner sides

Sprouts or no sprouts? For us we want them in abundance dressed up in garlic and parmesan. Gravy, arguably the BEST part of the entire day; ours has just four ingredients and takes just twenty minutes. 

We don't have Yorkshire Puddings on our Christmas dinner, but we know that you are out there so here is our fail safe Yorkshire Pudding recipe, made with our White Mix. 

Actually, Yorkshire Puddings on a Christmas dinner sound amazing... best get a box of Juvela White Mix in! 

If you need to place an order that you would like to be delivered before Christmas, here is the information that you need:

Christmas Tree Cake

New this festive season and aren't they just little darlings! Our Christmas Tree Cake are easily made from a soft chocolatey sponge and decorated to your heart's desire. We used gluten free green cupcake sprinkles and gluten free red mini chocolate beans (widely available online) to decorate our trees, but you can use any suitable decorations!

Although... we won't tell if you don't decorate them and just eat them from the tray.

With after dinner coffee.. or you know, something stronger. 

We couldn't write about Christmas recipes without mentioning Mince Pies! For a rich indulgent Christmassy pastry, use butter in place of hard margarine and lard. 

They will be perfectly happy in the freezer if you would like to make them in advance for Christmas day.

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