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Gluten free empty the fridge recipes

03.10.2022 | by Juvela

There's always something staring out at us from the fridge and veg box at the end of the week and we wonder what on earth should we do with that?

We always seem to have a handful of sorry looking fruits and vegetables left over at the end of the week, This week it's some limp lemons, tomatoes and a head of Cauliflower (minus a few florets).

So here is what we created with some sorry looking fruits and vegetables rescued from the compost bin and gluten free store cupboard essentials

They could quite possibly be the best dishes we've made all week!


When life gives you lemons make lemonade, or even better... Cake. Our Lemon Drizzle is soft, zingy and everything you think it should be,


We couldn't let the tomatoes go to waste, we grew them in our gardens and they'll soon be out of season. We decided the best way to use them would be to simply chop, pick some wilted basil of the kitchen windowsill and pop on to our warm crunchy Part- Baked Rolls. Nearly forgot... don't forget the splash of Olive Oil and black pepper. Classic Bruschetta


Ever since Anna created our very own gluten free version of this favourite restaurant starter, all left over cauliflower gets turned in to this fabulous dish.

Eat as a starter or simply enjoy as an evening snack. 

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