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Gluten free Christmas leftovers

30.11.2022 | by Juvela

Gluten free Christmas

Gluten free Christmas recipes are some of our favourites to create... partly because we then get to create more recipes with the leftovers. Our purple work kitchen with its bubbling pans on the stove and trays of garlicky goodness baking in the oven is our favourite place to be. 

Gluten free Mini Christmas Pies 

Perhaps the best thing about of Gluten free Mini Christmas Pies is that you can make the pastry in advance so that on Boxing Day or during Twixmas you can just whip up the filling with your leftovers, pop on your pre-made Pastry top and away you go...

Is there anything better than a hot pie on a cold day? 

Bubble & Squeak 

If the thought of a pie makes you feel more than stuffed after all your delicious Christmas food, try our Bubble & Squeak with Garlic Croutons. We've used our Part Baked White Rolls for our croutons, but our long life or even fresh loaves and roll will do the trick. Crunchy croutons sitting proud on vitamin packed veggies - who knew something so good for you could be this tasty? Any leftover veggies that you have, mixed in with some mash potato will work wonderfully with our garlicky croutons.

Festive Flatbreads 

Perfect for both grown-ups and children, the Festive Flatbread may be our greatest Christmas invention. For the Flatbreads, pull out a box of our Mix and add 100g to a bowl with a pinch of baking powder and 100g of natural yoghurt. Mix and bring together to a dough before kneading for a couple of minutes. 

Don't worry if the dough is sticky - sprinkle some flour on the board and dust your hands and it'll bring the dough in to line. Top with all your favourite festive leftovers and devour. 

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