Real Stories

Real Stories, Real People

We spoke to real people about their experiences, from diagnosis to today, to show that living well with coeliac disease is possible.

Dave's Story

Our daughter started having problems from 11 months old and we visited the doctor so many times being told she'll grow out of it. She was diagnosed 3 months before her 3rd birthday.

Derek's Story

Overall I feel the best I have in a long time and I’m glad I got a diagnosis while young to help my health in the future.

Mel's Story

As I’m getting older and feeling better from my gluten free diet, I have taken up the gym to aid my health which also sets the mindset for eating healthy and also I’m back to experimenting with cooking.

Nathan's Story

I’ve only been glutened twice in my life!

Taegan's Story

 The extra hassle of being a Coeliac far outweighs the downsides of eating gluten.