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This blogger rated our gluten free bread

01.08.2021 | by Juvela

Morgan, aka How To Coeliac, compared Juvela gluten free bread to other options available in the UK. We think she liked ours best!

Morgan reviewed the Juvela White Loaf in this video, which we bake fresh in our dedicated gluten free bakery in Wales. 

She had a thorough process for reviewing gluten free bread based on taste, size, flexibility, price and availability. We're pleased to say that Morgan found our bread the best for a sandwich and making fairy bread, a childhood treat in New Zealand!

Juvela bread is available on prescription to people diagnosed with coeliac disease across the UK.

You can also find our Soft White Loaf in selected Tesco stores across the UK. Click here to find which Tesco near you has them in stock!

You can also purchase our fresh and long-life bread range in a Juvela Gluten Free Box.

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