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Fresh bread deliveries, four times a week!

28.04.2022 | by Juvela

That’s right, not just once, twice or even three times… but four times a week!

Our tea’s gone cold, where did that last hour go, how is it Thursday already!

We all live different lives but something that we all seem to have in common is that life is busy. 

We’re always on the go and it’s not always easy to get to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.

Making gluten free prescription deliveries easy and accessible.

With four deliveries a week, we aim to make ordering and collecting your prescription an easy fit with your lifestyle. Our freshly baked loaves and rolls are baked to order, in our dedicated gluten free bakery, ensuring that they are deliciously fresh with a minimum of five days shelf life when they reach your pharmacy.

Keep a few loaves / rolls out for the week and freeze the rest to ensure that you always have fresh bread on hand, collected from the pharmacy on the best day to suit you.

Pharmacy ordering deadline before 10am
Date delivered to pharmacy by 5.30pm

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How to setup a prescription

If you are newly diagnosed or haven’t set up a gluten free prescription, you can order a FREE Juvela starter pack giving you the perfect opportunity to try our products before you add them to your prescription. Once you’ve tried everything and decided which products you would like, it’s time to make an appointment with your GP to set up your prescription, making sure you always have gluten free bread and flour in your kitchen cupboards.

Already have a prescription but would like to update it?

If you already have a prescription and would like to update it, its quick and easy. If you live in Scotland, you can download our form and hand your form in to your pharmacist. If you live in Wales, Northern Ireland or prescribing areas of England it usually just takes a call to your GP. Download our form to let your GP know which Juvela products you’d like to add to your prescription.

Not eligible for prescription

Some Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) no longer prescribe in areas of England. If you’re not eligible for prescription you can still order our products through our online shop. We used our White Mix to make this beautiful Victoria sponge.

Victoria Sponge Cake

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