Working (& shopping!) at the Allergy Show

I was lucky enough to help on the Juvela stand the other weekend at the Allergy Show in Glasgow.

Gluten Free StandI had a great time and it gave me chance to have a good old nosey and check out what new gluten free products are available along with stocking up on Voakes Pies that are amazing!! In fact, it’s the second chance I have had chance to purchase these as Jenny was at the Wirral food fair the other Saturday and picked some up there for me…yay!!

Family and friends are always welcome at gluten free food events and it’s a perfect opportunity to give them an insight into your gluten free life, plus there is generally lots of gluten free nibbles Pieto snack on as you wander around!! At the Allergy Show, I got chance to try out a couple of the new gluten free ready meals that Tesco have brought out. My favourite one had to be the Chicken Katsu Curry. It took me back to the Chinese chip shop curry that I used to love, before being diagnosed with coeliac. Which has just reminded me I also picked up a bottle of Sweet Mandarin Chinese Curry Sauce, I’ve not yet tried this but will let you know how I get on.

Be warned you will need to take extra pennies along with you to gluten free food fairs, as there is often many gluten free treats to tempt you from gluten free cakes, pies and even samosas, and because they are often unique to these events, you don’t want to be caught out!! I unfortunately I ran out of time to queue for gluten free fish and chips, the smell alone was fabulous, I will be on it next time to treat myself!!

I’m scheduled to go along to the Gluten Free Food Fair at Leeds on Saturday the 25th  March, I’m already pondering over my purchases….the simple pleasures of a coeliac!! Hope to see you there.

Happy, Healthy, gluten free wishes to you.

Lizzy x

P.S In preparation for Easter I have made a little trial batch off chocolate crispy cakes made with Juvela Crispy Rice topped with mini eggs. They are a simple, fun thing to make with children and are my guilty pleasure to be enjoyed with a cuppa early in the morning!!

easter egg cakesI’m sure you are familiar with the making of crispy cakes but just in case: All I do is simply melt the required amount of giant *Cadburys buttons either in a microwave or in a bowl over a pan of hot water. (I find button are best and about 2 bags is enough for 12 cakes) and mix in the required Juvela crispy rice and pop some *Cadburys mini eggs on top if you want to get “Spring like” you could pop a little yellow chick on top.

* Cadburys buttons and mini eggs are gluten free right now, but do keep your eye on the pack in case ingredients are changed in the future. For further information, check the latest Gluten-Free Easter information from Coeliac UK.

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