Meet The Juvela Team

Claire Monks is our Sales & Marketing Manager. Claire has been working for Juvela for 20 years and coordinates our new products and activities and works closely with Coeliac UK to ensure Juvela are playing a key role in supporting the coeliac community.

Jenny Thomas is our Digital Communications Manager. Looking after all our online communications such as the Juvela website, monthly e-newsletter and our presence on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Lisa Dunne co-ordinates our entire customer database ensuring our campaigns, events and activities all run smoothly. Many of you will also have spoken to Lisa if you have called the Juvela Advice Line.

Barry Curtis deals with a lot of our administrative work and is also ready to help answer queries on the Juvela Advice Line.

Wendy Rackham liaises with healthcare professionals involved in the management of coeliac disease ensuring they are kept well stocked with our support resources and informed of new products to ensure you are too!

Joanna Abbey has been working for Juvela for 8 years and many of you may have met her when you attended your first appointment with a dietitian after diagnosis.

Sarah Barron a diagnosed coeliac has joined Juvela as a Regional Product Specialist, you may meet her if you attend an appointment or clinic with your dieititian or at a Juvela event.