What can I get with my units?

Juvela All-Purpose Flour Mixes

All-purpose Flour Mixes that can be used in place of traditional flour in ANY recipe! Suitable for bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits, batters, sauces to name but a few!   

Juvela Fresh Loaves & Rolls

The Juvela Fresh Bread range is freshly baked to order and can be eaten straight from the bag.

Juvela Longer-Life Loaves & Rolls

Developed to be as comparable to traditional bread as possible and with special packaging that allows the bread to have an extended shelf-life.

Juvela Part-Baked Loaves & Rolls

The Part-Baked Bread range is ideal for when you want fresh warm bread or crusty rolls, but haven’t the time to make your own!