I love Juvela! Their customer service team is always on hand to help – and more importantly – they’re happy to!


I’ve used Juvela products for years – nothing even comes close in terms of quality!

Selena, Manchester


I have just received some of your cereals  and I couldn’t wait to have some for breakfast.

I wasn’t disappointed at all, the Flakes were lovely! I was really fed up when I found out the cereals I was using before were no longer classed as gluten-free, but it is a relief to know there is now a great alternative!

I have had coeliac disease since I was 6 (a long time as I’m now 44!) things have changed so much over the years… My first memory of bread was that it came in a tin I thought it was quite nice at the time!!!!

I have been using Juvela for years now and wouldn’t change it for the world. The range of products now is just amazing. Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you for making living with Coeliac a lot easier.