Festivals and Parties


Some of you may be lucky enough to be attending one of the many festivals around the UK, from Glastonbury to V Festival and Camp Bestival, there are so many fun events on with new ones popping up every year!

Camping can make cooking your gluten free food more difficult, but with a little preparation before you go, you’ll find it so much easier when you’re there! We thought it might be useful to share some tips and advice to help you!

Gluten Free Food to Pack

Fresh Bread or Rolls (either a recent delivery or some straight out of the freezer)

OR you could make some Gluten Free Bread before you go and keep in airtight container so it stays fresh!

Cereal – Cornflakes, Crispy Rice, Flakes or Fibre Flakes

Crispbread – Top with Philadelphia, Houmous or Dairylea triangles for a savoury snack!

Crispbread houmous olives

Pre-cooked gluten-free pasta (Make before you go and put in Tupperware with some olive oil to keep it from sticking together – great for pasta salads*!)

Flapjacks or Granola made with Gluten Free Oats – Great for snacks or an energy boost!

flapjack for web

Pizza topped and cooked in advance, pizza is just as tasty served cold!

*Pasta salads are a really handy meal, they are full of carbs so will give you lots of energy and keep you full! Here are some easy recipe ideas you could do ‘on site’ or before you go;

Cherry Tomato & Olive Pasta Salad or Coronation Chicken Pasta Salad.

Cherry Tomato black olive pasta salad sml

A jar of pesto could be handy to take, one spoonful added to cooked pasta is a quick easy meal!

Top tips for keeping safe

There will often be food outlets at the event, which can cater for a gluten free diet, but always remember to check that the food has been prepared in a gluten free environment, not all vendors are aware of cross-contamination risks and sometimes a sign or menu saying ‘gluten free’ might make you think its ok, but it’s always worth just asking a few questions to make sure!

Make sure you have a ‘back up’ meal or snack in your bag at all times, you may find yourself in an area where there aren’t any suitable food suppliers and if all your friends are eating there you won’t want to just sit and watch!

If you’re planning to barbecue when you’re there, there are lots of gluten-free sausages and burgers available – just make sure everything else that’s on the barbecue is gluten-free, or keep your food separate to be safe!

If in doubt, don’t have it!

There are some gluten free bloggers who’ve tested out the gluten free offerings at festivals and most seem to have had a fantastic time, we’re sure you will too! Here is a link to ‘Gluten Free Cuppa Tea’ Blog on Glastonbury 2015

Have fun and happy camping!

Partying is an inevitable part of student life and there is no reason why you should miss out. However, it is important to only choose suitable drinks (both soft and alcoholic (over 18yrs)), and avoid bowls of snacks that may not be gluten free. If you’re going to a house party, why not take along your own snacks? Many crisps and nuts are naturally gluten free, but always remember to check the label beforehand.

Alcohol (over 18yrs)
Beer, lager and stout all contain gluten and should be avoided. Cider, wine, sherry, spirits, port and liqueurs are all suitable for people with coeliac disease and there are some speciality gluten free beers, lagers, stouts and ales available too.