Eating gluten free when out and about

There’s nothing worse than having a hunger pang when you’re out and about! Being coeliac, in order to ensure access to safe foods, there does have to be a little pre-planning involved! But don’t think that “being organised equals being boring,” – once you get into the habit it’s actually great, because it means you never have to go hungry, whenever you’re out and about!

Be organised on the move
Always keep your bag/rucksack stocked with a couple of snacks –such as a combination of fruit, nuts*, crisps*, and a gluten free cookie, cake or flapjack. If it’s homemade, then even better! The Juvela Gluten-Free Flour Mixes are really versatile and can be used to make just about everything!

Eating out
Research your local cafes, snack bars and restaurants-make a note of the ones that are able to cater for a gluten-free diet. Many restaurant chains offer gluten-free alternatives and some have a separate gluten-free menu.

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