Registering with a GP

doctor talking to her male patient at office

When you start university, it’s essential to get registered with a doctor as soon as possible. This is not only important for managing your coeliac condition, it’s also important to do so in case any other health issues arise during your time at university.

The chances are the university you’ve chosen to attend will make it as easy as possible to register with an NHS General Practitioner, and this will be covered in your overall registration process during Freshers’ Fortnight. In fact, some universities even have a GP Surgery on-site! However, the NHS also have a useful GP Finder on their website so you can see what’s available to you in that specific area, should you need to.

Once you’ve registered with a doctor, you should speak to them about whether or not you may be entitled to help with prescription costs. They will most likely give you a HC1 Form to complete and send off to check your eligibility. You can also find out more through this page.