Info for Parents

We understand that when your child is diagnosed with coeliac disease, it can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry because we’re here to offer useful advice for helping your child manage the condition from diagnosis and beyond.

On our website, you can find out more about coeliac disease itself – how symptoms can present, how to get your child diagnosed . We also provide information about how you can help your child manage their gluten free diet, how to ensure this diet is maintained outside of the home (at school, kids parties, etc.)

It is really important to understand about avoiding cross-contamination from gluten-containing foods, and how your own positive attitude is very likely to have a positive effect on your child’s attitude.

Once your child has been diagnosed with coeliac disease they are entitled to a reasonable quantity of essential gluten-free foods on prescription.  These foods provide alternatives to everyday staple foods which are essential to maintaining a healthy, balanced gluten-free diet. Juvela has a range of products which are available through your pharmacy including bread, rolls, pasta, pizza bases, flour mix, cereals and oats, crackers and biscuits.

Our recipes section has plenty of fantastic ideas for delicious gluten free meals!

If you have any questions please get in touch with our team, we are happy to help! 0800 783 1992 or