Sticking to your gluten free diet

The best advice for ensuring that you stick to your gluten free diet is to plan ahead and be as organised as possible. For example, you should make sure you always have a meal or two in your own designated bit of freezer space at the ready to throw in the oven – you never know when you’ll be too swamped with work or hungover and zombie-like to do anything else!

Student Cupboard Essentials

Stocking up on student cupboard essentials will help keep you prepared! Below is our list of what we think is the most useful:

Gluten Free Bread
Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal
Gluten Free Flour Mix (great for making bread, cakes, thickening sauces etc.)
Gluten Free Baked Beans/Spaghetti
Gluten Free Pasta
Tinned Tomatoes
Gluten Free Pizza Bases
Tinned Tuna/Mackerel,
Gluten Free Tinned Soups,
Gluten Free Pasta Sauces
Gluten Free Curry Sauces

Top Tip
Don’t forget to make use of healthy products that are naturally gluten free, such as fruit and vegetables – there are lots of them to choose from! Root around for bargains in the supermarkets or local greengrocers.

If you’re registered with Coeliac UK, utilise their great Food and Drink Directory (also available to download as a handy app on your phone).

Mix it up…

Gluten Free Mix is extremely versatile and is very comparable to normal flour. You can make bread, cakes, or your own pizza bases and then portion up and freeze for future consumption.


Don’t be afraid to give recipes a go – you may find that many of your new room-mates want to learn how to be a half-decent cook too (as it’s the most cost-effective way to manage mealtimes), and will welcome the challenge of getting involved.

Cooking/buying things in bulk, then portioning and freezing them is a fantastic way to be organised and save money!

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