Restaurant Review – La Boheme

We have been going to La Boheme with friends and family for over 6 years now and have had some very special times there. The meals we have shared and service given has always been perfect!

After enjoying yet another amazing meal at La Boheme, I felt it would be a shame to keep this North West Gem to myself!!

La Boheme exterior

I have always found when visiting La Boheme that once I have advised them of being coeliac, I simply make my choices from the menu and they then advise me of the suitability of the dish and exclude anything that isn’t gluten free. On this occasion the trip was with my husband to celebrate my recent birthday, I only managed to get a picture of my main as I got too carried away enjoying the food!

For my starter I went for Poele De Filet D’Agneau Du Chef Marinated lamb fillet quickly roasted to pink, served on a garniture of roasted pepper, sun dried tomatoes, aubergine caviar & potato gnocchis, finished with a drizzle of lamb jus. When ordering the waiter advised me that the gnocchi was not gluten-free, but that they could adapt the dish to ensure it was safe for me to eat. So I had everything except for the gnocchi, the lamb was cooked to perfection, the combination of flavours was amazing, portion sizes are just right too!

I then continued on to Entrecote De Boeuf Sauce Poivre 8oz sirloin steak, cooked to perfection, with a traditional creamy pepper sauce, deep fried potato roulade & seasonal vegetables for my main. This is a huge favourite of mine and is generally my regular main course at this restaurant – I have never been disappointed!

la boheme meal

Unfortunately I was far too full to manage a pudding on this occasion; I did instead finish off with an Irish coffee! However there was crème brulee, ice creams/sorbets and cheese on the menu that would have been great if I could have managed to squeeze something in!

If you are ever in the area I would strongly recommend La Boheme, here is the link to their website; – Bon Appettite!!

Advice and tips for eating out on a gluten-free diet

We have heard that a lot of coeliacs feel nervous or awkward about discussing their dietary requirements with restaurant staff for fear of sounding ‘fussy’ or being treated differently. My advice when eating out would be firstly if you can pick somewhere with gluten-free options this makes it easier when ordering, if you’re not sure then in some cases you can go on the resturant website and view their menu to see whether there are dishes which will be suitable for coeliacs. I usually call up and have a chat with the restaurant before I go to check on their understanding of a gluten-free diet, this helps me to relax and know that they are clear on what I can/can’t have before I arrive. Most restaurants are understanding, often the chef may come and have a quick word as well, don’t worry about being specific, by taking the time to go through with them what dishes are suitable you are helping to raise awareness of coeliac disease and how restaurants can cater for it, the next coeliac to go there will probably get a much better service as a result of your efforts!

 Coeliac UK also offer some advice for coeliacs on eating out.

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