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Step 4 – Collecting your prescription from the pharmacy


Your local pharmacist is the healthcare professional responsible for dispensing your gluten-free prescription.

The arrangements for ordering and collecting prescriptions vary across the United Kingdom.

Many pharmacies across the United Kingdom now use Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS). This means your prescription will automatically be sent from your GP surgery to a nominated pharmacy of your choice.

Your GP or Pharmacist will advise you if this service is available to you. Otherwise, you will need to take your prescription to a local pharmacist for dispensing.

–  Normally it takes around 48hrs from when your pharmacist receives your gluten-free prescription for your order to be ready for collection.

– Fresh Bread is delivered into pharmacy on set days (Wednesday & Friday). Your pharmacist will advise you. For information on ordering Fresh Bread & Rolls click here.

– Some pharmacies offer a free home delivery service. Just ask your pharmacist if this service is available and if you qualify

– If you want to make a change to your prescription just ask your pharmacist. This is especially important when you are first adjusting to a gluten-free diet.

– If you are unsure about the arrangements about collecting your gluten-free prescription, ask your GP or pharmacist.


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