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Step 3 – Setting up your gluten-free prescription


The arrangements for setting up your gluten-free prescriptions vary across the United Kingdom.

Some areas of the country run pharmacy schemes where your pharmacist will manage your gluten-free prescription instead of your GP. Please check with your GP, dietitian or pharmacist to see who will be responsible for setting up and managing your prescription.

To find your local pharmacy, use this handy Pharmacy Finder

ENGLAND – In England NHS prescriptions are charged. However, some groups of people are exempt from prescription charges including children, the over 60’s and those receiving income support.

What if I pay for my prescriptions?

If you are eligible to pay for your prescriptions and are likely to use more than 3 units of gluten-free food per month then it is more cost effective to get a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC). This will cover all your staple gluten-free food requirements, as well as any other medicines you may need. The cost of an annual PPC is £104 (April 2014). To find out more about the PPC visit the NHS website.

WALES / NORTHERN IRELAND – If you live in Wales or Northern Ireland, your gluten-free prescriptions are free. Your GP will discuss your gluten-free requirements and set up your prescription.

SCOTLAND – If you live in Scotland your gluten-free prescriptions are free. You will access your prescription from your pharmacist through the Scottish Gluten-Free Food Service. Find out more

If you live in REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, please visit our Irish website

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