Being prepared with gluten free food options


There’s nothing worse than having that hunger pang, is there? Being coeliac, in order to ensure you eat the foods you really love (and not to get caught out in the process), there does have to be a little pre-planning involved! But don’t think that “being organised equals being boring,” – once you get into the habit it’s actually great, because it means you never have to make do or go hungry, whether it be at work, at home or when out and about.

Be organised on the move!

My bag is always stocked with a couple of snacks – usually a combination of fruit, nuts*, crisps*, Juvela Crackers, and a gluten free cookie, cake or flapjack. If it’s homemade, then even better! When I get the chance, I like to do a batch bake of flapjacks made from Juvela Oats that will keep delicious in an air tight container for well over a week; plenty of  home-baked gluten free muffins and cakes can be frozen well too. This way, you ensure you always have something to go with that cuppa when you’re out and about!


Although eateries are doing us proud in offering tasty gluten free options, I think there’s something nice about having a homemade butty squirreled away in some foil in your bag or rucksack – allowing you to have that impromptu lunch on the go! I enjoy Leerdammer* cheese on Juvela Fresh White Bread in particular.

Top Tip: Citrus muffins are also great to do as a batch bake and pop in the freezer…ready to take out, wrap and put in your bag for a sweet treat when you’re on the move.

Gluten free lunch ideas for the workplace

Take a look at Lizzie’s Larder… my pride and joy! At work, my lovely bottom desk drawer really makes each lunchtime a delight – and as you can see from the picture – I’m huge fan of Baxter’s soup at the minute.


If you decide to pop some Baxter’s in your trolley, make sure the varieties you pick have the little gluten free tick on the side. I always enjoy pairing it up with a delicious long life Juvela Gluten Free Roll, because what’s soup without a nice bit of bread to dunk in?!

Top Tip: When heating anything up in a shared microwave, always cover your food to prevent cross contamination.

For another quick and satisfying office lunch, Heinz Baked Beans* (with or without sausages) are gluten free and taste extra special with a little grated cheese on top.

Top Tip: If like me, you’re lucky enough to have your own special gluten free toaster at work, do ensure it’s clearly labelled, kept separate and used only for toasting gluten free bread. If you only have access to a ‘communal’ toaster, you could try some ‘Toaster Bags’ as recommended by Coeliac UK – though always make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned afterwards and that there aren’t any rogue crumbs on the outside of the bags that make their way into your lunch!

So there you go – whether home or away, the sky is your gluten free limit…

Happy, healthy gluten free eating!

Liz x

*The information we’ve provided here is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. As always, please ensure you thoroughly check any food is definitely gluten free by asking plenty of questions before you decide to try or buy!

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