Problems ordering Juvela gluten-free sliced loaf

Having problems ordering your Juvela gluten-free sliced loaf?

We have had a few calls from both customers and GP practices to say they have been experiencing issues ordering the Juvela Gluten-Free Sliced Loaf 400g (PIP code: 074-8590) on prescription.

The system used by GP’s to generate prescriptions is displaying the product as discontinued.

We would like to reassure you this is not the case and is down to a technical error following a recent update on GP computer systems.  

The Juvela Gluten-Free Sliced Loaf has now been reinstated on to GP prescribing systems, but we have been informed that this can take a period of time to display correctly.  However, in the interim period your GP can hand write a prescription for this product until it is displaying as available again. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries regarding this. We are happy to speak to your GP surgery on your behalf to help explain the issue.

Phone: 0800 783 1992


Best wishes

The Juvela Team


Information for GP’s & Pharmacists

The Juvela gluten-free loaf sliced (400g) was inadvertently removed from the drug database in error. We have spoken to EMIS and they have confirmed that it has been re-instated on the Central Drug Database.  A patch update has been expedited to resolve the issue of the product not displaying but we have been informed by EMIS that a hand-written prescription for this product can be issued in the interim.

 To reiterate this product is fully available to order for your coeliac patients.

Please see a copy of the alert that has been posted on the Drug update page on the EMIS support Centre

If you have any further queries regarding this please call:

EMIS Health Customer Services 0330 024 1270.

Or Contact Juvela:

Phone: 0800 783 1992


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