Enjoy a sizzling gluten-free curry night!

With a long history, this well-loved dish has evolved to suit the British palette. There are also many purists who enjoy traditional Indian curries in their many varieties from Biryani to lentil dal. It’s a great meal to share with friends or family and we have a range of recipes for authentic accompaniments to make your curry nights fabulous!

Gluten free poori

There are a range of great curry recipes on the BBC Food website or you can develop your own variation like this butternut squash curry created by Nigella. 

Spices are naturally gluten free but can often be subject to contamination during the manufacturing process so it is important to ensure that dry spices or any curry mixes that you use are gluten free.


The accompaniments that come with a curry are an important part of the meal and we have developed a variety of great gluten free versions that are easy to create at home.

No Indian meal is complete without a starter of Onion Bhajis! If you like pickles or dips such as lime pickle and mango chutney, chapatis a nice alternative. They are simple but delicious flatbread that can be served or with your favourite pickle or chutney and main dishes. You can even eat them cold and make sandwich wraps.

Poori is a soft, puffy bread that is also served with pickles, chutneys, dal masalas, potato masala or with main dishes including korma, dal and potato-based curries.

gluten free naan breadOnce you are ready for your main course, there are a variety of tasty options to choose from. A traditional Naan bread is baked in the oven. It is often covered in herbs and spices to change the taste it can be flavoured with garlic or stuffed with ingredients such as coconut. If you fancy something different; Parathas are thicker and more substantial than chapatis and this is because, in the case of a plain paratha, they are layered and folded repeatedly or because they are stuffed with vegetables, such as mashed, spiced potatoes

Gluten Free paratha

A flavoured or stuffed paratha can be eaten simply with a pat of butter spread on top or with chutney, pickles, ketchup, dahi or a raita or with meat or vegetable curries. However you choose to eat your curry, have a great evening!

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