My first taste of Juvela bread

I can remember my very first taste of Juvela gluten free fresh white bread……it was in 2005, I had recently joined Juvela to help out at various gluten free events, such as roadshow, food fairs and cookery demos. I got a call to ask me to go along to a tasting session, with no idea what I would be trying. Anyway, it just so happened to be the gluten free white fresh bread. From the first moment, I tried it I loved it and remember glancing at the other people trialling the bread who were also coeliac and could tell the same thought was going through their minds… “Surely this cannot be gluten free it tastes too good?” but of course it was!! Finally, I had found my everyday gluten free essential bread and there was no turning back!!

Bread and butter

The Juvela gluten free fresh bread range grew, when it was closely followed by the fresh fibre loaves and few years later buy the fresh white and fibre rolls. The fresh bread family was complete!!

I know it not just me that enjoys the bread and its especially lovely to watch the delight of people trying the bread for the first time when they feel since being diagnosed with coeliac the “bread gap” may never be filled and then suddenly is….yay!!

Juvela gluten free fresh bread and rolls has accompanied me in my diet throughout the years from hot buttered toast in the morning, fresh ham and *coleslaw sandwiches, chicken *garlic mayonnaise and baby spinach bun and the list goes on. It also been on its travels with me when I’ve have packed up Egg mayo on a fibre rollsome gluten free butties and headed off for the day!! So, I totally got it when people that have been having the bread for years could suddenly no longer have it due to prescription restrictions and were so disappointed. But today as I write my blog it’s a delight that we are celebrating the bread is accessible again to many people via Tesco and it also continues to be prescribed in many areas that do still offer the vital support of gluten free prescription. Surely that’s worth celebrating with a tasty bacon butty…gluten free of course!!

Best Wishes

Lizzy x

*check ingredients to make sure they are gluten free.


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