Harri & Livvy's story

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Harri & Livvy's story

Livvy was diagnosed with coeliac disease on the 6th April 2023.

When was Livvy diagnosed?

Livvy was diagnosed with Coeliac disease on the 6th April 2023. She’d been poorly since December but she had just started nursery so we kept being told that was why she had a poorly tummy and no energy, or the other excuse was teething. She has always been very little for her age (in 6-9 month clothes at 15 months old!) but I’m also only 5ft so they kept putting it down to that. We finally ended up in A&E at the start of April after a particularly bad few days of an 40+ temperature and Livvy being on food & drink strike. We saw a wonderful junior doctor who recognised the symptoms and ordered the blood test for coeliac. We got the results 3 days later and the rest is history, we’ve been gluten free ever since!

How did you feel about the diagnosis?

I felt a strange mixture of sadness & relief, as well as being really overwhelmed by the lifestyle changes we needed to make. I was sad as you never want your child to be poorly, and I kept thinking she’s going to miss out on so much as she grows up. But I was relieved we had answers to all of my worries about her health and that it is easily treatable but cutting out gluten. I’ve also now learnt that she won’t have to miss out as with a bit of planning she’ll be able to join in with everything her friends do as she grows up! Since we’ve made the change we’ve seen a massive difference in Livvy which has taken away (most of) the sadness. She’s now a happy, full of life giggly little girl!

How is Livvy adjusting to a gluten free diet?

Livvy has adapted brilliantly. She’s now eating things that we’ve never been able to get her to have before, like toast and pasta. We’re enjoying baking more together too so she still get to have lots of yummy treats.

What is Livvy's favourite Juvela products?

Her favourite is definitely Juvela bread, she always has at least 2 slices and always asks for more (Which is a miracle from a previous bread hater)! I also really like the White Mix as it makes baking really simple, and the recipes on the box work really well too! We’ve made a few quiches and quite a lot of cakes so far.

What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed?

Sign up to Coeliac UK and request a mentor through the Member2Member scheme as they will point out things you wouldn’t have thought of due to their experiences, and will make you feel less alone. And read EVERY label (even things that you’ve had before and were safe as ingredients change all the time!).

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