Menu Planner

We have put together 4 weeks of menu ideas to help you plan ahead with your gluten free meals to make sure you have a healthy, enjoyable gluten-free diet.


  BreakfastLunchEvening MealPuddingSnack Ideas
MBreadMinted Feta & Pea Pasta SaladParmesan & Tomato Crusted SalmonBreakfast Muffinfresh fruit
TJuvela gluten-free flakesTuscan Bean & Pasta SoupCreamy Pastrami PizzaStrawberry & White Chocolate Cheesecakesmall handful of dried fruit and nut mix
W Toasted Teacakesscrambled egg on Juvela gluten-free bread, toastedMed BurgersCarrot Cake2 Juvela gluten-free tea biscuits or fruit
Tgluten-free porridge* with honeySpicy Bean MacaroniChunky Tuna Bakefresh fruit salad or gluten-free yogurt4 Juvela crackers topped with cheese & chutney
FJuvela gluten-free flakes*Chicken Pesto ToppersSpinach & Ricotta CannelloniChocolate Mallow Crunch2 gluten-free crispbreads with cream cheese
SWafflesMozarella & Mushroom CalzonesMonkfish & Pancetta SkewersLuscious Lemon Pudraw vegetable sticks
Sgrilled bacon on a Juvela Fresh White RollWelsh RarebitRoast DinnerSticky Toffee Puddingsfresh fruit
  BreakfastLunchEvening MealPuddingSnack Ideas
MCrumpetsJacket potato with cheese & baked beansPotato Onion & Brie Tartfresh fruit salad or gluten-free yoghurt2 Juvela gluten-free savoury biscuits topped with cream cheese
TJuvela gluten-free toast with jam or marmaladeCheese & Bacon QuicheChicken Curry with Naan Bread and ricegluten-free yoghurtLemon Drizzle Cake
W Bacon & Egg Potato Cakes3 Juvela gluten-free Crispbreads topped with cheese & pickle*King Prawn Chow MeinBanana Teabreadraw vegetable sticks
TJuvela gluten-free flakes* Greek Style Potato BreadHerb Crusted CodMixed Berry Crunch2 Juvela Gluten-Free Sweet Biscuits
FBanoffee MuffinsEgg Mayo sandwiches with Juvela gluten-free breadRoasted Tomato & Chorizo PenneChocolatey Flake CakesFresh fruit
Sgluten-free porridge with honeyCurried Chicken Pitta PocketsSimple Seafood SpaghettiApple Pie2 Juvela Gluten-Free Crispbread with honey
SWafflesBacon & Avocado RollSpicy Mexican WrapsBanana & Ricotta Pancakessmall handful of dried fruit and nut mix
  BreakfastLunchEvening MealPuddingSnack Ideas
MPotato CakesCoronation Chicken Pasta SaladFab Fish FingersLemon & Blueberry TrifleFruit smoothie
TFruit & yogurtBrie, Bacon & Cranberry PaniniMonkfish & Pancetta SkewersIce-cream* or gluten-free yoghurtRaw vegetables with houmous dip*
WCrumpetsToasty with chicken and pesto or cheese and tomatoBrie & Courgette SpaghettiProfiterolesgluten-free yogurt
TJuvela Gluten-Free Fibre FlakesPastiesCreamy Pastrami PizzaFruit salad with natural yoghurtLemon Drizzle Cake
FJuvela Gluten-Free toast with sliced banana and honeyJuvela Crispbread with cottage cheese and tomatoesSpaghetti BologneseChocolate Bread & Butter Pudsmall handful of mixed nuts
SToasted TeacakesTuscan Bean & Pasta SoupGluten-Free Sausages* with mash and gravyFruited sconesfresh fruit
SBanana & Ricotta PancakesMinted Feta & Pea Pasta SaladRoast Dinner or BBQApple & Blackberry Crumblefruit smoothie
 BreakfastLunchEvening MealPuddingSnack Ideas
MToasted TeacakesHam & Mustard SconesFish & ChipsStrawberry Tartsfresh fruit
TJuvela gluten-free flakes*Chicken Pesto ToppersRoasted Tomato & Chorizo PenneIce-cream or gluten-free yoghurtsmall handful of dried fruit and nut mix
W2 poached eggs on Juvela gluten-free toastCheese & Bacon QuicheSpicy Salsa SliceCarrot Cakeraw vegetables with dips
Tgluten-free porridge* with honeyTasty ToastiesKing Prawn Chow MeinLemon Drizzle Cake2 Juvela gluten-free digestive biscuits
FWafflesCrusty Cheese & Red Pepper RollsHomemade Pizza BaseChocolate Honeycomb Crunch2 Juvela gluten-free crispbreads with cream cheese
Ssmoked salmon & scrambled egg on toasted gluten-free rollRoasted Pepper & Butterbean BruschettaBrie & Courgette SpaghettiSwiss RollFruit smoothie
SPotato CakesWelsh RarebitSpicy Sausage & Halloumi SkewersMini Doughnut Bitesgluten-free yogurt