Lunchtime with Liz!

If you have previously read my blog, you will know that my aim is to pass on all things positive about being diagnosed with coeliac disease!  I really want to express how I feel about the gluten free diet and share any experience I have to help in the tiniest way, to ensure you do not miss out on delicious foods.

So this month I thought I would share a couple of my recent lunches with you from different scenarios: work, home and out and about!

A quick healthy bite in the office
Lightly toasted Juvela white roll with cream cheese*, black pepper, smoked salmon and spinach.

lunch 4
I know, slightly decadent for a Monday lunchtime, but why not! It’s a nice treat to look forward to and enjoy. If you pick up the salmon trimmings they are much cheaper than slices of smoked salmon.  This was quite a healthy lunch, with a great iron boost from the spinach and followed by some of my ‘5 a day’… sliced banana, blueberries and grapes topped with yoghurt*.

Lunch for two
I love it when Carol is in the office as she is a fabulous cook and brings in lots of homemade gluten free treats for us to enjoy! Like me she is coeliac and simply loves her food!

liz and carol v2

One of our recent lunches was amazing! Delicious gluten free Stilton, Leek and Cranberry Tart with salad. (I’ve popped the recipe at the bottom of my blog if you want to have a go).  They freeze really well, so you can make a batch in advance if you feel like a baking day!

Fridge clear out
Nothing escapes my beady eyes in our fridge and every few days I have a good old clear out and bring together some delicious things all jumbled up to make a yummy lunch. The girls at work always come over to have a peep at what I have rustled up and make lovely comments about the finished result!

fridge clear out lunch plate

On this occasion, my fridge clear out consisted of gluten-free wrap* filled with cream cheese and ham*, selection of salad, buttered new potatoes, stilton, chopped walnuts and dried apricots, finished off with a spoonful of houmous*.

Sunday lunch out with family
I have had the pleasure of eating at Statham Lodge Hotel in Lymm, several times and I can honestly say the meals have always been spot on.  I love the welcoming feel of the hotel and they have always looked after me so well, whether it has been a Christmas meal, Wedding or Sunday lunch! Even though I have been several times, when booking the table I did still make sure that they knew I would require a gluten free meal.

family meal sml
The choice of menu was good and I opted for melon and summer fruit to start, roast lamb for my main and strawberry pavlova for pud! For my main meal the meat and gravy was brought out on a separate plate, rather than served from the platter, to ensure I got the correct meal.  Little touches like that go such a long way as you know that the importance of your diet is appreciated and all our meals were perfect.

liz and neils mum sml
We really had a super afternoon and I couldn’t recommend the Statham Lodge enough, it welcomes families and friends young and old.  The meals are just lovely with a real traditional feel, if you live close enough, give it a go – it may become a firm favourite for you too!

As Always the * symbol means check to ensure this item is gluten free. “If in doubt leave it out” until you have checked in Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory, with the new CUK app, or with the food manufacturer directly.

Happy, healthy gluten-free eating!

Liz x




Herb & cheese pastry

200g Juvela gluten free white mix (or fibre mix)

½tsp salt

100g butter

1tsp xanthan gum

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp chopped fresh sage

50g grated Parmesan

1 large egg (lightly beaten)


1 tbsp olive oil

2 small leeks, washed and thinly sliced

100g Stilton cheese, grated

2tbsp cranberry jelly

2 large eggs

200ml double cream

salt & freshly ground black pepper

Make pastry: – add salt, butter, xanthan gum and mustard to Mix until resembles bread crumbs. Add Parmesan cheese and beaten egg and mix again until it comes together. Roll out on board lightly covered with mix and line 8 patty tins or Yorkshire pudding tins.

For the filling: – heat oil in pan and lightly saute leeks until just soft. Remove from pan, leave to cool for a few minutes then divide between cases. Top with the Stilton, then drizzle over a little cranberry jelly. In a bowl, beat the eggs and add cream and seasoning.

Pour egg and cream mixture into tartlets. Put onto preheated baking sheets and bake for 10 – 15mins until the tarts are set and the pastry golden.

Oven temp: 2200CFan/2000C/Gas 7

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  1. val.h

    Does the pastry cook properly at the bottom? I am used to baking blind first, is it not necessary for gluten free pastry? Don’t want a soggy bottom!

  2. jadmin

    Hi Val, you wouldn’t need to blind bake it first, the pastry should be cooked through. Many thanks, The Juvela Team


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