Love your gluten-free lunches!

From time to time I speak to coeliacs who struggle to know what to eat and can limit themselves because of this, which is such a shame as a gluten free diet should not be flat and boring but healthy, vibrant and above all enjoyable!

Carol, who is also coeliac, has recently joined us in the Juvela office and we have been sharing our tasty lunch ideas whilst trying to find other alternatives to sandwiches.


Hopefully the ideas below will inspire you to love your lunches whether at home, work or entertaining! Don’t forget that a lot of things are naturally gluten free!


As you can see from the salad below combinations can be varied and different! This salad was smoked salmon, cream cheese, beetroot, pear, apricot, lettuce, almonds, pomegranite and tomato. This may sound exotic but all of these items are readily available and reasonably priced, often the things which need using in the fridge end up on my salad and there is no limit to what can go on the plate (so long as its gluten free of course!)

liz's salad for blog


You can make your own gluten-free wraps using Juvela Mix and freeze them to use whenever you want to, or if you prefer to buy ready-made there some gluten-free ones in the free from aisle.

Smoked Salmon and Philadelphia (amazing combo!)
Roasted root vegetables (in an oven ready tin) with cooked chicken
Ham, salad and red onion with garlic mayonnaise
Tuna and sweetorn with mayo and iceberg lettuce

I could go on but really it is all down to individual taste as the variations are endless!

Jacket potatoes
My favourite jacket potato filling is tuna mayonnaise – but the choice is yours as there are lots of things you can put into these versatile items!

tuna jacket 2

As you know the thing about being coeliac is the need to plan ahead and it isn’t always the case that you will have time to prepare a lunch so to ensure you don’t go hungry and have something substantial,I would recommend having a couple of things in your cupboard, desk, bag that you can pop in the microwave at a drop of a hat! (If you are in work and using a shared microwave do just check it is nice and clean or your food is covered to prevent cross contamination) Also if you don’t already have one I would invest in a separate toaster and mark it up GF as you can’t beat a nice bit of buttered toast to snack on (separate butter of course!)

Things I keep in my desk!!

Uncle bens express rice pouches
Tins of Soup (Baxter’s is so nice, they have a little logo on the tin if they are gluten free)
Heinz baked beans
Tinned Mackerel
Jar of peanut butter (Great for a quick snack – try on toast with sliced banana!)

As always make sure you check labels to make sure gluten free.

I hope you like these ideas and tips, if you have any suggestions for gluten-free lunches please feel free to share them below!

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