Living gluten free as a student

For all you need to know when starting college or university as a coeliac, as well as useful links to help you along your way! Although your young adult years can be quite challenging, it’s also a very exciting time. We want to help you make the most of it and never let coeliac disease get in your way.

Life as a coeliac student

Being a student can be a daunting enough challenge, so we’ve compiled lots of useful advice for you to ensure that having coeliac disease needn’t be an issue in your day-to-day activities!

Shopping gluten free on a budget

Managing money is a very big part of university – for many students, it will be the first time you have to undertake such responsibility, and it can be a bit of a steep learning curve…

Gluten free foods can be pricier than their gluten-containing counterparts in the supermarkets, so that’s why it’s particularly important as a student to prioritise, budget and, if you are fortunate to live in an area where gluten free foods are still offered on prescription, make the most of your prescription.

Educating others about coeliac disease

We think it’s important to always be open about what the coeliac condition actually involves food-wise, and once you feel comfortable enough with your fellow housemates and friends, it’s a good idea to educate them too – or even refer them to this very site! You might find that they’re more interested than you’d think.

Avoiding cross-contamination

As a coeliac, you’ll probably become sick of hearing the phrase cross-contamination, but learn to love it. It’s mostly common sense, but even the most practised person makes mistakes – so it’s really important when you’re in a new and possibly daunting environment to think about what will be safe for you to eat. Read on for tips and advice.

Eating in shared spaces

The main thing to remember is that preparing and cooking gluten-free meals is the same as it would be with gluten-containing recipes – you just have to be careful to avoid gluten, and watch out for cross-contamination. We have put together some advice that you can use to make sure that you’ll have no gluten stress in your shared accommodation…

Sticking to your gluten-free diet

The best advice for ensuring that you stick to your gluten-free diet is to plan ahead and be as organised as possible. For example, you should make sure you always have a meal or two in your own designated bit of freezer space at the ready to throw in the oven – you never know when you’ll be too swamped with work or hungover and zombie-like to do anything else!