Setting up Your Child's Prescription

Your child is entitled to a reasonable amount of essential gluten free foods on prescription. These foods provide alternatives to everyday staple foods which are essential for a healthy, balanced gluten free diet and ensures a supply of safe foods to help your child with their special diet.

Gluten free prescribing policies vary across England, depending on where you live. In areas that still provide gluten free food on prescription, a range of bread products and flour mixes are available.

Find out more about your local CCG prescribing policy.

If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, a wider range of staple gluten free products are available on prescription; local prescribing policies may still vary on the type and amount of foods offered. Your GP will set up a repeat prescription of the foods your child has chosen and your local pharmacist will order these for you.

If you live in Scotland, the prescription will be obtained from your pharmacist through the Scottish Gluten Free Food Service.

For more information, download an information pack from and search for Gluten Free Food Service.