Eating abroad

Travelling on a gluten free diet

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot enjoy travelling and holidaying abroad on a gluten free diet. It may just take a bit more planning.

Tips for stress-free gluten-free travel #1

To ensure you have something gluten-free to eat whilst travelling and as back up once you arrive, it’s a good idea to take a few gluten-free supplies with you on your journey. On long car journeys or when travelling by plane, delays are often inevitable, so it’s advisable to make sure you have a store of non-perishable gluten-free snacks such as crackers and biscuits, cereal bars, fruit that doesn’t bruise too easily and nuts etc.

Tips for stress-free gluten-free travel #2

Many people take a couple of loaves of their Juvela gluten-free fresh bread with them. A couple of packets of the long-life bread or rolls are the perfect back up for longer trips. If flying, we advise you take them in your hand luggage to prevent them getting too cold or squashed in the hold. Some airlines will allow you extra baggage allowance to make space for your gluten-free food.

Tips for stress-free gluten-free travel #3

Coeliac UK have out together a really handy guide to ensure that your holiday is gluten-free and stress free!

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