It’s a family affair!

When a family member is diagnosed with Coeliac Disease it naturally has an affect on the whole family whether it’s a child or an adult. To ensure the gluten free diet is maintained you do need to work together. Life can be pretty hectic so I find it’s good to keep things as simple as possible. After 13 years following a gluten free diet, I have made various tweaks along the way that have certainly made my life easier… hope its ok if I share a couple with you!

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Re-jig your cupboards and label up gluten free

Keep one of your cupboard shelves for all ‘safe’ foods, things which are naturally gluten free, things such as suitable sauces, herbs and spices, canned soup and baked beans, stock cubes (Knorr stock cubes are great, however be aware that last time I checked the low salt ones contained gluten). This makes life easier when you are trying to rustle together a quick meal that you don’t need to be constantly checking labels as you know everything on the shelf is gluten free! Initially this does mean having a good old clear out and stocking up with foods that are safe, but it certainly cuts down on having to root through the cupboards for suitable gluten free products.cupboard shot liz blog small

At home I have a separate butter, which I keep in a separate part of the fridge and that works fine for me and my husband, however this may not work as well when there are a few family members. To prevent cross contamination in large households it’s good to get “gluten free” labels on things like butter and encourage the family to get into a routine of using clean teaspoons when using jams and sauces.

fridge butter

Make the main meal suitable for the whole family

My husband isn’t coeliac and doesn’t follow a gluten free diet. The staple gluten free foods I get on prescription I don’t ‘share’ as they are intended to support my diet and not feed the whole family! My prescription products cover my breakfast and lunch and then generally most of our evening meals I tend to make naturally gluten free meals, so we can both eat the same. Occasionally I will make something separate for myself, sometimes if Neil fancies something like a pizza for tea, then will pick him up an M&S one and I will make myself a gluten free pizza using one of the Juvela Pizza Bases.

NEW PIZZAFor breakfast I would have gluten free cereal, which I vary between Juvela Corn Flakes or Juvela Crispy Rice with chopped banana. For lunch a gluten free sandwich normally hits the mark if I am in work. My favourite weekend lunch of the moment is a Juvela gluten free white roll, filled with a gluten free breaded chicken burger from M&S, with garlic mayonnaise*, spinach and a dash of chilli sauce* works a treat, the flavours are amazing!

Here’s my top 10 feed the family and friend’s fail-safe meals.

As I mentioned I do try to make most of my main meals naturally gluten free. This is also much easier when friends come around, as not only does it save on time as you don’t have to cook two separate meals, but you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out because you are tucking into something different around the dinner table.

1. Cottage Pie

cottage pie

2. Curry …homemade or a quick cook in sauce would be fine (*I use the Lloyd Grossman but a lot of Patak’s would be fine too)

3. Risotto

4. Traditional Hot Pot

5. Baked Ham, New potatoes and homemade coleslaw (I tend to boil my ham first then take of the rind and pour honey and *Dijon mustard over it before blasting it in a really hot oven)

6. Traditional roast (Gravy and Yorkshire Puddings made with Juvela Mix)

roast dinner

7. Fish pie ( Juvela have a delicious recipe for Fish Pie if you need some inspiration!)

8. Chilli Con Carne (huge pan of this with jackets and salad goes down great if having a big do!!)

NB- If using a spice mix packet make sure you check it is gluten free, Coeliac UK Food & Drink Directory should have suitable brands listed if you need to check.

9. Steak and Chips (with Mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatoes and a handful of watercress!!)

10. Fish in foil parcels (add whatever you like to enhance the flavours, perfect with new potatoes and a few steamed greens)

I haven’t included recipes for all of the suggestions above as I’m sure you will have your favourite ones to refer too, but if you do want me to share my recipes then please give me a shout!

Batch bake and freeze

It’s perfect when you are in the mood to have a really good bake as not only does it allow you to stock up the freezer for when time is short it allows you also to enjoy a freshly made piece of cake with a cuppa when you are all done. My favourite recipes are Juvela gluten free Lemon drizzle cake and Really Chocolatey Muffins, so easy to make and they taste fabulous….I urge you to give them a try!! The chocolate muffin recipe is really versatile and can also be baked in a baking tray and cut into squares like a brownie OR baked in 2 sandwich tins and made into a chocolate fudge cake! (better to freeze without the icing on though).

Liz with cake

*Please check the label to ensure gluten free and/or the Coeliac UK Gluten Free Food and Directory will fill you with ideas of what you may like to fill your shopping trolley with!!

Hope you enjoyed my blog! Lizzy x

8 Responses to “It’s a family affair!”

  1. Rhiannon Evans

    My daughter was diagnosed about a year ago and I have seen a massive difference in her growth. However tests have shown she’s still getting hints of it from somewhere. I’ve done everything I can think off she has separate butter toaster chopping boards. Have you got any tips to help limit the cross contamination at nursery/school that I can put in place
    Thanks Rhiannon

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi Rhiannon, Its great to hear that your daughter has responded well to her gluten free diet. I can however understand your concern that gluten seems to be slipping into her diet when it sounds like you have taken all the relevant steps to avoid cross contamination. It is really important that this does not happen. I did include a few pointers in a previous blog so though I would just pass this on again to you as it may help at Nursery. If you would like any further information please give me a call on 08007831992. Best wishes, Lizzy.

      Living with the coeliac condition means you are naturally mindful of cross-contamination – watching out for it quickly became a part of your daily life without any inconvenience. However, when there are lots of people about, it’s always best to make others aware how to prevent cross-contamination too. Politely reinforcing simple things like ensuring serving spoons are not mixed up, separate knives are used and gluten free bread is sliced, buttered (from separate butter pot) and prepared away from gluten-containing bread will ensure that your food remains safe and delicious for you to enjoy!

  2. roland Potts

    I find being adiabatic gluten free food always contains sugar!! How can get around this I use cantabell when making my own food manufacturers don’t why not

    • Juvela Admin

      Hello Roland, We do totally understand that it can be difficult when an individual has multiple dietary needs. However as a gluten free food manufactured our main aim it to provide the very best quality gluten free foods to support people with the coeliac condition. unfortunately this can sometimes mean our products may not be suitable for everyone. Juvela will always endeavor to produce our products with the minimum amount of sugar or salt required without compromising on quality. Best Wishes, The Juvela Team.

  3. Nova ashby

    Love your blog. I have had coeliac disease since 1999 so am fairly good at sticking to my diet but it’s good to read your bog and I have taken some receipes to try. Thank you

    • Juvela Admin

      Thank you so much, great to hear that you enjoy the blog!! Best wishes, Lizzy.

  4. Cheryl Curry

    I am a 70 years old pensioner, and was diagnosed as Coeliac 10 years ago. I have always used Juvela products happily, on prescription.Since January 2016 however, I have not been allowed any gluten free items at all on prescription. Can this be right?
    Thanks Cheryl

    • Juvela Admin

      Hello Cheryl, some areas of the UK have restricted or withdrawn gluten free foods on prescription, so if you live in one of those areas then yes unfortunately that may be the case. If you want to speak to one of our team on 0800 783 1992 we may be able to offer you some support and advice, alternatively you could contact Coeliac UK to voice your concerns 0333 332 2033
      Kind Regards, The Juvela Team


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