Hospital Visits

Since doing my blog it has made me think about all of the little things I do on a daily basis to ensure I follow a gluten-free diet.  However I now realise the importance of passing on any tips no matter how small, as it may help somebody!

This month I wanted to share one of my recent experiences of visiting a hospital.

This month I had to have a day admission into hospital (nothing serious and all OK!) which required me to go under a general anaesthetic.  The preparation was fairly standard, nothing to eat beforehand and then generally you would be given a sandwich and cuppa when you are back on the ward and feeling ready to eat.

I told a nurse I was coeliac and initially she suggested giving me toasted gluten free bread. However when I checked if it was a separate toaster for gluten free bread she confirmed it wasn’t.  I then went on to explain about the issue of cross-contamination when preparing gluten free foods.  She was lovely and really receptive to this information and with that went off to get me some gluten free bread which I was more than happy to have with butter and Jam.  I also heard her explaining to other staff members about separate toaster etc.  So that was my little contribution to spreading the word!

Although sometimes hard, try not to be embarrassed when emphasising the importance of your gluten free diet.  It isn’t that people don’t feel concerned about your diet, it’s just lack of knowledge. Stressing the importance of cross contamination is vital. It’s brilliant to be able to eat out and enjoy meals that are gluten free, but by passing on the word about how to prevent cross contamination in food preparation will ensure yours and future coeliac meals are safe.  It’s not being a nuisance, simply raising awareness.

There is some useful tips and information on Coeliac UK’s website about visiting a hospital when on a gluten-free diet.

Happy, healthy eating




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  1. terryd

    Hi Liz,
    I too was in hospital about 2 years ago and as a coeliac of 20 years i am aware of cross contamination. At breakfast times there was very little choice of food which was Gluten Free, but was surprised when i was supplied with my own Gluten free loaf and 2 toaster pockets. Every morning when the staff came round with the breakfasts, i just gave them 2 slices of bread in the toaster pockets for them to use in the toaster so that cross contamination wasn’t a problem.
    The main problem i had was that they didn’t have any Gluten free soup until i told them that Heinz Tomato was Gluten free, but was told they couldn’t heat it up as they needed training to use the microwave on the ward. I complained to the ward sister who was brilliant and organised for me to get soup everyday after that.
    Other than that i had a really pleasant stay and the rest of the food was fantastic.
    Rgds Terry

    • jadmin

      Hi Terry, many apologies for the late response and thanks so much for sharing your story! It’s really great to hear that your experience was a positive one and it does go to show that people can be receptive and understanding to the condition.
      Many Thanks,
      The Juvela Team


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