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This website is dedicated to providing medical professionals with information on the role the gluten free prescription and specialist gluten free foods provide in the management of coeliac disease.

Juvela Gluten-Free Starter Pack Service

With dietary adherence fundamental to the long-term management of coeliac disease, a gluten-free prescription for staple gluten-free foods helps provide patients with a foundation of nutritional support from which they can successfully self-manage their life-long condition.

A starter pack offers newly diagnosed coeliac patients the opportunity to try a comprehensive range of staple gluten-free foods before setting up a prescription.

A starter pack will help your patients make the right food choices to suit their dietary habits, making the transition onto a gluten-free diet smoother and ensuring that they are more likely to stick to their diet.  Using a starter pack also helps reduce waste, encouraging patients to only order products that they have tried and tested.


To request starter pack request cards for your patients,, please complete this form.