Happy Christmas from Lizzy! x

Not long left now to the big day! Really quick blog this time before I break up for the festive season. I thought it may be an idea to share a few of my favourite gluten free treats, some of which make life easier, freeing you up to do the things that really matter whilst still enjoying great food!

liz tree chocs sqr

Gluten free savoury and sweet nibbles and treats….

M&S bacon wrapped chipolatas (few different varieties but just make sure that the ones you pick out the one with the little crossed grain symbol, they are clearly marked up gluten free)


M&S stuffing few different varieties – so tasty!! (again look out for the crossed grain symbol to make sure its suitable). If you prefer to make your own here is the Juvela recipe for gluten free Stuffing

M&S Posh Turkey gravy…. spotted this the other day, I haven’t tried it, but had a peep at the ingredients, as I always thinks that’s gives a good indication on how good something should taste and sounds perfect! I usually make my own Gluten Free Gravy with Juvela White Mix or using corn flour, but this would be a good option if you’re short of time or not confident cook!

(Sorry for mentioning M&S lots, but I do think they get things right in the “gluten free area” and their food tastes great)

Byron bay gluten free cookies, these are by far my favourite biscuits, the white choc chunk and macadamia nut ones are Amazing! I have also just spotted that they do a gluten free ‘Byron the bear’ chocolate biscuits, which would be perfect for little ones!!

byron bay cookies img

Garcia Organic Thai sweet and spicy tortilla chips, I have picked these up in the past for a treat as they are a bit more special than your box standard tortilla and are delicious snack with humus…. perfect party food and can be shared around everyone!


Gluten free beer, if beer is your thing I have come across a couple of great gluten free beers that really do hit the mark and taste like the real thing. Gluten free Estrella Daura and Gluten free Peroni, just to mention though, the gluten containing and gluten free bottle do look very similar so to keep you safe, please double check to ensure they are labeled gluten free.

I love homemade mince pies and I know there is a bit of time to whip up a batch, here you go just in case you need the recipe https://www.juvela.co.uk/recipe/mince-pies/.

mince pies

However, if time is short you can pick up some great ready-made gluten free ones from larger supermarket and food stores. The same goes for gluten free Christmas cake if you’re not up to making one there are lots of ready made gluten free ones now available. If you do fancy having a go yourself, the Juvela Mix does make a fabulous gluten free Christmas Cake, here is a pic of my cake;

christmas cake

Well that’s me signing of for 2016. Just off to pop the kettle on and grab the tub of Cadburys Roses! Hope you have a Super Special Christmas, filled with magical moments and plenty of delicious gluten free food to fill your tum!!

Lizzy x

P.S as always check out the suitability of products and if in doubt leave out!

Here is the link for Coeliac UK Christmas list to help you check what goodies are safe for coeliacs.

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