Happy Holidays!

Everyone’s idea of a “perfect holiday” is different but being a Coeliac does require you to plan a little more than usual when you go away to ensure you are not without the things you fancy whilst away from home.  This month just thought I would share with you my little check list to ensure that you don’t go hungry whilst you are on your travels!!


Adventures in the UK

Self-catering is great, as you can just transport what you use at home and know all will be well. (You can even pop your own toaster in the boot to ensure no risk of cross contamination!) However, there are some amazing hotels now in the UK that have the gluten free diet well and truly covered. Providing all the checks have been done with your hotel prior to your trip, all you would need to really think about then would be any extra snacks that you may fancy whilst out and about. If you enjoy baking you could even pop together a cake before you go that can be portioned into the perfect slice to enjoy with a cuppa!

lemon drizzle cake

As a child I used to love our journeys to our holiday destination, as it was the one time when lots of extra goodies, snacks and fizzy pop were packed up in the car! Thinking about this now has given me the urge to check out the confectionery section in Coeliac UK food and drink directory 2016 to checks out the things that are suitable… I have to be honest for my car journeys now, I am rather partial to M&S Percy Pig Fizzy Pig Tails!

lizzy percy

Travelling Abroad

Going abroad does require you to have a little bit more of a back-up plan and I would definitely advise to pack some crackers, bread, gluten free snacks, gluten free cuppa soup, etc.

liz cruise

There will be lots of natural gluten free foods to enjoy while you are away and that is the beauty of being in a different country to sample different things. However, from my own personal experience I would only advise you eat things you are 100% sure are gluten free, if unsure don’t eat it! Don’t ever be afraid to question if you feel in doubt about your meal as the last thing you want is to eat gluten whether you are symptomatic or not.


Below I have popped together a little Holiday Checklist;

  • Check in advance that the hotel/accommodation is able to cater for your gluten free diet
  • Pack your snacks and gluten free bread (Long life bread should be packed in your hand luggage if you are taking a flight)
  • Do your research before your holiday checking out recommended places to eat out. Look online to check the reviews, call up the restaurant prior to visiting to have a chat checking out the suitability of eating there. There really are some Amazing eateries just waiting to be explored!!
  • Again, don’t be afraid to double check if you feel gluten may be present in your meal and if not convinced do not eat it.  I unfortunately have not always gone with my gut instinct and have then paid the price by being poorly, so now I rigidly stick to my moto – “If in doubt LEAVE IT OUT!!”


Wishing you a ‘Happy Holiday’, filled with fun and great gluten free delights!!


Lizzy x

6 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Roger Towe

    I have been going to Spain for the last 5 years; shopping for food is very good we found a shop which is all over Spain called ‘Mercadona’. The Man who owns it his child is Coeliac.

  2. Manmohan Purewal

    Hi great blog,were on holiday in Vancouver,Canada at the moment and I tell you what the choices in there stores are amazing.whole isles dedicated to gluten free food,so I feel like I’m not missing anything here.Eating out is a breeze as well with many places having separate menu choices.
    Happy holidays!

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi Manmohan, Glad you enjoyed the blog!! Canada sounds like they are set up perfectly to cater for the gluten free diet…thanks for sharing!! best Wishes, Lizzy.

  3. Vall Fraser

    Just going to try your pure oats. You mentioned Gluton Free Hotels, any chance of a list, I would love to book a holiday and I feel sure the Hotels would be glad of the hit…Vall

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi Vall, we don’t have a list of gluten free hotels, Lizzy has blogged about some of the ones she has stayed at and found to be good https://www.juvela.co.uk/blog/ or Coeliac UK may be able to offer further advice, you can contact them on 0333 332 2033. Many thanks, The Juvela Team


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