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With Christmas behind us (and as we start a shiny New Year), it’s always good to have something to look forward to in the coming months – so what better than a weekend away to relax and enjoy great gluten free food? Being coeliac should never hold you back or stop you from enjoying being looked after and truly pampered!

Great British Holidays…

There are some amazing hotels and B&Bs that I have on my wish list for future visits, ranging from cheap and cheerful to more indulgent and luxurious, so for my blog post this month I thought I would share a couple with you – get yourself cosy and grab your tablet/laptop and browse to your heart’s content to find your hidden gem for a weekend getaway

The Lords of the Manor
Tel: 01451 ­820 243

The Slaughter Country Inn
Tel: 01451 522 143

I called the venues above and was kindly told that they would have no problem catering for a gluten-free diet with a little advance notice. They look fabulous too! However if they’re not really your cup of tea, this lovely website lets you view lots of fabulous hotels in the Cotswolds area that may be worth a little visit – a fantastic holiday may be a lot closer than you think…

It’s not all just about the South of England though! There are so many exciting and gorgeous places to visit throughout the whole of the British Isles. If you’re a fan of reading the Juvela Blog, you may remember this lovely little B&B I visited back in 2013, located in Northumberland. They happily catered for my gluten free requirements and it was such a fantastic area to explore – I would definitely return.

The Beautiful Northumberland Coast

These are just a few suggestions of course, there’s the whole of Great Britain and beyond to venture your way through… Another good website to look at is SuperBreak – it has lots of great deals for locations all across the UK and some great Europe destinations too – it looks like you could bag yourself a real bargain on there! Just make sure you contact the hotel directly (and prior to booking) to ensure they have the full understanding necessary to cater for a gluten-free diet.

I will let you know which one I end up choosing later on in the year!

Remember Your Gluten Free Snacks


Don’t forget to pack a few gluten free nibbles for when you’re out and about on any trip/day out. I personally love the Juvela Gluten Free Crackers as they’re easy to pack, along with a couple of packets of crisps* (most ‘Pipers’ and ‘Ten Acre’ crisps are suitable and delicious) and a banana. Little snacks like this will always come in handy if you’re feeling peckish while out and about.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Liz x

*The information we’ve provided here is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. As always, please ensure you thoroughly check any food is definitely gluten free before you decide to try or buy!

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  1. Christina Thompson

    Hi Liz,
    It is great to know coeliacs can venture out more these days! I have found that a challenge but decided to compile a list of places we (and others) have found and thought other coeliacs could benefit from it also, so our website was born. It is four years on and still growing. We find in NI coeliacs fall between two stools as it were, not covered by the Irish Society and practically ignored by the UK one!
    For anyone travelling to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, they can check out our website at
    It takes the form of a directory of all kinds of eating establishments by County, from cafes right up to accommodation all over the island of Ireland. Whether travelling or holidaying, coeliacs and their families should be able to find somewhere to eat here. It is free to access and you don’t need to belong to any coeliac society to use it. If you are caravanning, camping, touring or visiting from other places in the world, there is also lots of information on the website. The list now stands at over 1000 places and we hope to add more advice about where to buy groceries and the like for self-caterers. Coeliacs should always check though, as management, chefs, etc., can change, so ringing ahead is always advisable but we can be contacted anytime for eating out advice around the country. Lots of hotels in Ireland are excellent at providing GF but don’t always advertise it, so coeliacs need to check a chosen venue first, often we get a nice surprise!

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi Christina,

      Many thanks for your comment! Your website looks great – a really useful resource. As you say, many establishments are indeed able to provide gluten free, but don’t always make it clear – though it looks like gradually it’s changing for the better.

      Kind regards,
      The Juvela Team


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