Gluten free treasures in Cornwall

After just returning from a little trip to Cornwall I wanted to share with you a few delightful gluten free eateries that I had the absolute pleasure of trying out whilst I was away! I’m afraid I cannot take the credit for finding them, that has got to firstly go to my husband Neil for working his magic on google and discovering a great blog “My gluten free guide” and to the lady that writes it, as she has has kindly done all the leg work in finding some fabulous places in Cornwall to eat and graze gluten free …. thanks so muchboats in harbour your blog it’s super! (I recommend you check it out when you get chance!)

A quick stop off for lunch at The Chapel Cafe at Port Isaac (Home of Doc Martin) was a welcome break on our way to Padstow and my lunch was great…Spiced butternut squash soup with a tasty gluten free roll. They did have lots of gluten free options but I knew I would be having a meal later on and didn’t want to over do things so soup and a roll was perfect! Port Isaac is beautiful and I’m glad we got chance to have a little peep at it!

tea gardenAlong with the amazing scenery in Padstow the highlight of my holiday had to be the fabulous gluten free pasties from The Padstow Pasty Co. As the gluten free pasties are baked to order, you just need to allow a little extra time for them to be baked. You can place your order and have a quick look around a couple of shops maybe even squeezing a quick drink and pop back to collect! The delight of tucking into a freshly baked pasty straight from the bag was pretty special and I am proud to say they were so good, I had a pasty each day for three days!

scones and cream

Rest for a while tea garden Coastguard Houses Hawkers Cove, Padstow PL28 8HW is a super and unique set up…. we enjoyed a lovely leisurely walk, enjoying fabulous views both along the way and upon reaching the tea garden. My gluten free scone with clotted cream and jam was so good and I didn’t need to worry about mixing up my scone with Neil’s as there was a gluten free sticker on my plate…clear and simple!! This place is a gem and I would urge you take the trip, even if it’s just for a cuppa to appreciate the most stunning view… it!

I’ve been a huge Rick Stein fan for years and visiting one if his restaurants had been on my wish list for some time!!  The seafood restaurant at Padstow was a real treat for me, but I have to confess I did order steak!! The meal was great and although we could only manage the one course the gluten free fresh bread, which I’m sure was freshly baked and the little complimentary fish cakes meant my tum was well and truly full!! They had my gluten free diet covered and I would recommend a visit if you get the chance!!

rick stein resturantsteak and spuds






Our little trip away to Padstsow was a sheer pleasure and again just fabulous to see how many places now cater for coeliacs…it’s extremely reassuring to go to places that “get” the Coeliac condition and understand the importance of the gluten free diet because of this. I would advise anybody to check out blogs and google gluten free pubs and restaurants before going away.…it’s worth the time spent doing this, to find some marvellous places!Liz on beach

When going away its still good to pack up a few gluten free bits and bobs, such as gluten free cereals and snacks just to ensure you don’t ever go hungry when away from home!

Hoping you enjoy your “gluten free” Summer Adventures!!

Lizzy x

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  1. Ernest Major

    Loved reading your blog.we are going on holiday to North Devon in August and will definitely be visiting a few eateries mentioned in your blog.Thanks.

    • Juvela Admin

      Ahh thanks so much…glad you enjoyed the blog and it was helpful. Hope you have fun on you holiday!! Best Wishes, Lizzy.


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