Gluten Free Lunches

Christmas is well and truly behind us now and unfortunately the larger portions, rich foods and that extra choccie “because its Christmas” has to stop… boo!!

With this in mind it is time to get myself organised and start bringing lunch to work with me.  By doing this, it stops the temptation of running off to the goody van when the horn pips, as I know I will have something tasty to look forward to at lunchtime.  It’s also a good way of saving the pennies!

As you know the reason for my blog is to hopefully inspire and share with people that living a gluten-free life when diagnosed with Coeliac Disease really isn’t so bad after all.  You don’t have to miss out on delicious foods and the variety within your diet really can be endless!

I enjoy a wide assortment of flavours in my lunches, the girls in the office are used to my unusual combinations! A good staple for me is Juvela bread, I enjoy both the fresh and the long life bread and rolls.  With the long life bread I tend to lightly toast it, allow to cool and fill it with something tasty and then wrap in foil to keep fresh.  My day normally starts with a peanut butter sandwich (on toasted bread) that I have prepared at home, which I then enjoy with a cuppa when I arrive in the office.  I’m sure you have lots of ideas and favourites that you fill your sandwich with, but thought I would share with you my top 10!


Lots of these fillings are good “fridge clear outs” making lunch cost-effective and cutting down on food waste along the way.

Egg and cress (Hellman’s mayonnaise and a dash of Heinz salad cream makes this a really tasty filling)

Ham and tomato chutney (Heinz tomato chutney is lovely)

Tuna mayonnaise with a mixed herb salad. I have recently discovered mixed herb salads and they have the most delicious flavours, amazing with a squeeze of fresh lime too!

Cheshire cheese and red onion.

Roast chicken and stuffing, touch of salt and cracked pepper – yum!! (If I’m short of time I use the Mrs Crimbles Stuffing, if I have a bit more time I use the Juvela stuffing recipe)

Philadelphia cheese and smoked salmon (I know this sounds a bit lavish, but if you buy the salmon trimmings they are much cheaper but just as nice)

Bacon, lettuce and tomato (perfect way of using up that left over bacon)

Sausage and onion. You can do this fresh or if you have left over sausages make up as a sandwich and heat in the microwave, making sure it is nice and hot.  If your butcher has gluten free sausages great, but if not M&S have a great range, most of the large supermarkets stock gluten-free foods. I normally heat the onions in a pan with a knob of butter.

Corned beef, sliced beetroot and iceberg lettuce might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it!

Roasted peppers, red onion and crumbled feta cheese. You can buy read-roasted peppers in a jar from most supermarkets.

I don’t  have a microwave at home so the perfect way for me to refresh the long life bread is to lightly toast it, I find that doing it in the oven enhances the flavour and gives it a great crusty texture.  Although I am a huge fan of the fresh bread, the long life loaf just gives you the back up of always knowing you have a spare loaf squirreled away.

longlife bread larger

I often get asked about storing the long life bread, for me the perfect place is the cupboard underneath our stairs as it maintains the same temperature and does not get warm.  However a cool dark cupboard would be fine and the beauty of the long life loaf is the long date, so really you should not need to freeze.  If you do feel that it is creeping towards the best before date then the bread can be frozen,  simply pierce the outer pack before doing so.  Once in the freezer it will keep up to 2 months.

Also great news for the people like me who like white bread but really should be increasing their fibre intake is that the New recipe long life Juvela white sliced loaf is now high in fibre!

The non specialist gluten free foods that I have mentioned are currently all suitable for a gluten free diet.  However recipes can change so do keep a check of the ingredients of general foods to ensure their future suitability.  Good news to as the 2014 Food and Drink Directory from Coeliac UK is out now, so if you are signed up with Coeliac UK you should be receiving a copy any day.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog this month… hope it’s been a little bit of help!

If there are any topics you would like me to cover on my blog please post ideas below!

Liz x

4 Responses to “Gluten Free Lunches”

  1. Tanveer

    Dear sir, madam
    Please could you tell me where I could get regular gluten free wraps and bread from. I live in Newham . Every I go shopping it’s either finished or their none on the shelf.thank you

    • jadmin

      You can buy gluten-free wraps in most of the large supermarkets. Juvela do not produce a ready-made wrap, however we do have a gluten-free flour mix, which you can use to make your own wraps at home, here is our recipe;
      If you need any more help or support please ask, or call our team on 0800 783 1992. Many thanks, The Juvela Team

  2. Edward Holmes

    Some wonderful ideas there! I love to have things like garlic roule and Heinz pickle… although the Branston is gluten free, my dietian has asked me to exclude items with barley malt vinegar/extract in. So I was chuffed to bits when I found the Heinz pickle is free from Barley… I found it in Sainsburys.

    The Cheshire Cheese and Red Onion sounds very nice! I’ve also found those ‘Squares’ with melted chedder, red onion and a slice of pepperoni/salami tastes great too with a bit of Heinz Ketchup. Mmm, got my mouth watering already!

    On another note, I got my first gluten free prescription the other week. I found that the long life loaves just weren’t the same as the regular loaves, which my doctors don’t seem to be able to get? I had been taking 3 slices and placing them in a 900W microwave for 10 seconds, as per the instructions, but the bread is very crumbly. Mum accidently made some the other day but did 30 seconds and the bread had a wonderful stretchy, more bread like consistency compared to doing it for 10 seconds! Does anyone know why?

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi Edward, Great to hear that you enjoyed the post…I’m definitely going to give your suggestion with the cheese squares a try, they sound delicious!! With regards to refreshing the long life bread, you may find it better to give it a longer than the 10 seconds we suggest as when refreshed sufficiently it will have a noticeable “bounce” to the bread and should not be dry or crumbly. If you do still prefer to have the fresh bread it may be worth just having a chat with your GP. Thanks again, Liz.


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