Be prepared – Gluten Free!

With the chilly, dark nights upon us, the time has come to stock up my freezer with some delicious wholesome meals (gluten free of course!).

Although I do love to cook, when time is short you can’t beat the convenience of having a homemade meal on standby! It’s just perfect to be able to pop something ready prepared into the oven, allowing you to have time for the important stuff in life. This stops me wanting a take-away or a supermarket ready meal, so it helps me enjoy a healthy diet too!


I keep my freezer supplies topped up by either doubling up when making a meal and freezing half of it or having a “cooking” day when I do batch cooking of some of my favourites! Simply doubling up ingredients mean you are covered for that 2nd meal and can work out more cost effective too!

Some of the gluten free dishes that freeze and reheat well are; chilli, cottage pie, hot pot (a tiny portion of this can be topped with gluten free pastry, making a little go a long way) casserole and curry (I love this Jamie Oliver Easy Chicken Curry)*. The beauty of these dishes are they can all be made naturally gluten free and therefore are suitable for the whole family to enjoy, however large or small!!

Batch cooking really does make life easier. Something as simple as making a batch of gluten free Yorkshire Puddings and freezing the extra ones so they are ready to defrost and pop on a piping hot roast dinner, will save you so much time! When you make a batch of fairy cakes or plain sponge, simply freeze any extra and this can be brought out when you fancy a tasty hot pudding… I tend to add jam or syrup and enjoy with delicious thick custard**.

Liz with custard sml

Here is a quick list of ideas which freeze really well and you can make a batch of for your freezer;

On Saturday nights, when time is not quite as scarce it’s a perfect time to dust off my recipe books and make a real occasions of one of life’s most pleasurable things….food!

Happy, healthy eating

Liz x

**Make sure the Tikka Masala paste is gluten free.

*The information we’ve provided here is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. As always, please ensure you thoroughly check any food is definitely gluten free by checking the ingredients before you decide to try or buy.

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