Gluten Free Foodie Weekend


Gluten free mealtimes don’t have to be difficult to be delicious

Liz’s Gluten Free Foodie Weekend

This month I thought would share a little insight into a typical  gluten free ‘foodie weekend’ with you! Speaking to newly diagnosed Coeliacs on the phone has made me realise the day to day routine of a gluten free diet that I sometimes take for granted can take a bit of time to get your head around, so hopefully sharing my experiences with you will help ensure living with the coeliac condition does not hold you back in any way…

On Friday night I was invited over to supper at my friend Linda’s house along with another friend who is also coeliac (small world!). Linda is a great cook and prepared a delicious Lemon Chicken Breast with jacket potato, broccoli and salad. The chicken was coated in Schwartz Lemon Pepper and pan fried… Simple but delicious!


Linda’s lovely gluten free dinner!

Do encourage your friends and family to cook for you, as they will learn and gain appreciation of your dietary requirements – and you can’t beat gathering round a table to enjoy good food with great company. I really love my lazy Saturday mornings. I usually make bacon butties for me and my husband as they’re quick, easy and really tasty. We both have bread rolls, just mine are gluten free . I love my bacon grilled and when it’s cooking, I prepare my rolls first and then my husband’s to prevent any cross contamination. On this occasion I had a little bit of M&S egg mayonnaise left over so popped that on to my bacon buttie too – may not be for everyone, but I loved it!

Lunch times at the weekend normally consist of jacket potato, homemade soup, salad or sandwiches – basically whatever bits and bobs we have knocking around in our fridge gets rustled up. I do sometimes surprise myself with some of the fab gluten free concoctions I end up with!

As the ‘designated cook’ in our house, I decided on Saturday night to give myself the night off, so we opted for a takeaway instead. My favourite Indian restaurant is Anmol’s, Warrington Road. Whether I have eaten in or had a take away from them I have never been disappointed and have always had a great gluten free meal. To my delight a few weeks ago they told me they actually do a gluten free chapatti; of course I had to give them a go and they were really good! I do like my curries lethally hot, so Saturday night I was on the chicken vindaloo…simply amazing! The staff are so nice and really receptive regarding my dietary requirements – if you ever get chance to, do pay them a visit.

Top Tips for Eating Out as Coeliac
Give the venue a call beforehand or better still, pop in! Have a chat to make sure they have genuine understanding of your diet and realise the importance of not only ensuring your meal is gluten free but the area and utensils used must also be completely free of gluten traces.


Bacon butty and a cuppa –  what better way to start your morning?

My Sunday morning breakfast consisted of *sausage and fried egg butties on Juvela fresh fibre bread, lightly toasted, with a piping hot cuppa! The sausages on this occasion were from M&S but do have a natter with your local butcher to see if he can offer you gluten free sausages; also most supermarkets will have a good range that should be clearly labelled.

We had a nice Sunday Roast Dinner to round off our weekend. Although we were a little lazy on this occasion – for quickness we picked up cooked chicken breasts from Tesco’s…just saved on time but still meant we could have a tasty meal with fresh veg, without quite needing much prep. For a quick and tasty gravy, Bisto Best is super. I also have the beef variety in as this comes in handy when thickening things like hot pot and cottage pies. Mrs Crimbles stuffing is great if you are in a hurry but if you have a little more time the Juvela stuffing recipe is also quick and really tasty!


Remember to always check ingredient lists!

I do also have the Knorr stock cubes in as they make a great base for casseroles and homemade soups. However do please watch when purchasing the Knorr stock cubes as the reduced salt variety say ‘may contain, milk, egg and gluten’ so are definitely not suitable for coeliacs. I have to confess I bought these thinking I was being healthy and only checked the ingredients when I got home to realise I cannot use them. This was a bit of a reminder to myself to never presume with any foods and how important it is to double check the ingredients at all times.

Happy, healthy, gluten free eating!

Liz x

*Check ingredients to ensure gluten free

3 Responses to “Gluten Free Foodie Weekend”

  1. ian houghton

    in asda iwent for bisto best on the back it said could be in a place where wheat is handled.could you confirm it isok.

    • jadmin

      Hi Ian,

      Although Bisto Best is a product that Liz uses on a regular basis – we quickly doubled checked with Coeliac UK this morning just for extra piece of mind. Bisto Best (i.e. the one in the glass jar) is at this moment in time definitely suitable.

      You are always right to double check though, to be safe!

      Many thanks,
      The Juvela Team

      • Margaret Guy

        Pleased to hear this as have been confused at times as can say on jar that prepared near gluten area.


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