Gluten-free fish finger butty

Happy New Year to you… sorry it’s been a while!

Hope you had the most fabulous Festive Season and you are now fully into the swing of 2018!!

Christmas was the perfect excuse for me to indulge in lots of special gluten-free treats. I tucked into delicious things that I tend to only eat during this time of year.  However as much as I love great food, it was quite nice when the last piece of gluten-free Christmas cake and the final chunk of fancy cheese had been eaten, as this sort of signaled the time to get back to basics, and dare I say sensible portions (weekends don’t count of course). Embracing the sheer enjoyment of the everyday food classics is just great!

My post-Christmas craving this year was for good old basics. It came in the form of a fish finger* butty. Birds Eye gluten-free fish fingers are corkers, (100% fish fillet!) and just delicious on a lightly toasted Juvela fresh white roll

fish finger butty

Since I don’t own a separate gluten-free toaster, I just toasted it under the grill on a clean sheet of foil. It was amazing and was complimented by “generous buttering” and a large spoonful of tartare sauce*.

I believe, like many, that if you have great ingredients you don’t need to mess around much to make tasty snacks and meals. Something as simple as a gluten-free freshly baked roll with nice cold butter can certainly hit the mark.

Ps. if you have not discovered Bonne Maman Jam, please try it… I promise there will be no turning back; even the jars are cute.

Best wishes

Lizzy x

*Check no gluten containing ingredient or “may contain” warnings on packets.  If in doubt leave it out.


Juvela gluten-free fresh bread and rolls are available from pharmacies and from a large selection of Tesco’s stores. Juvela gluten-free mix and the rest of our range is available from pharmacies and

4 Responses to “Gluten-free fish finger butty”

  1. Jim

    I use toaster bags when a separate GF toaster is not available, they are great for taking on holiday if you are self catering.

  2. owen

    Could you pruduce a gluten free mix to do it yourself in brown mix in a tin. I am sure this would sell very well at Sainsbury’s & Tesco’s & M & S.


    Owen R.O’Neill

  3. Carol

    Hi Liz
    Lovely to receive your blog as usual 😊. It came just as I was thinking what to do for lunch – so you were my inspiration – and we had fish finger butties with tartar sauce. Gluten free for me, of course ! Delicious.👌 So, thank you very much. I really love reading your blogs, and look forward to many more to come.
    Take care
    Caz x

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