Gluten Free Fish & Chip Supper!

I’ve always loved fish and chips, but since being Coeliac I have to check things out before picking up a quick supper from a chip shop. Although there are lots of places that completely understand the gluten free diet and how to cater for it, I have come across a few that still mix up the utensils with gluten containing ones, if I’m not 100% confident it is safe from contamination I won’t order.

So not to miss out on a Great British classic I decided it was time to make my own gluten free fish and chip supper. This also gave me a chance to have a go at making a gluten free batter something I have only done for gluten free pancakes and Yorkshire puds!


As I have previously shared with you I am a bit of a lazy bones and love easy recipes, so was delighted with this simple batter recipe using Juvela gluten free mix. Chips have to accompany my battered fish and I know lots of *frozen chips are naturally gluten free (check the ingredients) however I have recently come a across some McCain ones in Tesco that are actually labelled gluten free. As a Coeliac I’m used to scanning ingredients, but I think for family members who worry what they can feed you, the McCain gluten free chips are a winner as the label confirms they are safe (they are yummy too!!)


For your battered fish you will need either a chip pan or deep fat fryer. Simply toss the fish in seasoned gluten free mix before coating in batter, before carefully placing into the chip pan (remove basket) or deep fat fryer and frying for approximately 2-4 minutes until cooked. Lift fish out with an appropriate utensil and place the fish on kitchen paper to drain excess oil.

fish done

Enjoy with chips, *mushy peas and a cuppa!

liz fish chip supper2

Happy Days. Lizzy x

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