World Porridge Day

Join in with World Porridge Day by making one of our delicious gluten free porridge and oat recipes!

World Porridge Day celebrates the many health benefits of oats and the countless ways that you can enjoy this staple breakfast.
We've created some quick and easy recipes using the Juvela Gluten Free Pure Oats, which are now back in stock and available on prescription* in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Traditional Porridge

Keep it old school by sticking to the traditional Scottish recipe made with just gluten free oats, water and a sprinkle of salt.
Need something a bit heartier? Our recipe uses milk to create a deliciously creamy porridge, which you can use as a base for a whole host of toppings.
Read our basic gluten free porridge recipe.


Fancy Porridge Toppings

One of the reasons to love porridge is its versatility - you can go sweet or savoury and stir it up with different toppings.

Strawberry Swirl
World Porridge Day Gluten Free Recipes: Strawberry Swirl

This strawberry swirl porridge is deceptively easy to make. Simply stir in a swirl of store-bought raspberry coulis and scatter a handful of freshly chopped strawberries and raspberries on top.  Check in Coeliac UK's Food & Drink Guide for a suitable brand of gluten free coulis or jam!

Blueberry Porridge
World Porridge Day Gluten Free Recipes: Blueberry Porridge
Swap your blueberry muffin for this wholesome porridge bowl. Just add a generous dollop of Greek or soy yoghurt, almond or peanut butter, frozen blueberries and a sprinkle of gluten free granola to your porridge.

Chocolate Oats
World Porridge Day Gluten Free Recipes: Chocolate Porridge

Teenagers can be persuaded to eat their oats with this bowl of chocolatey goodness! All it takes is a spoonful of Nutella and chopped almonds to turn their heads. 

Kids Porridge Ideas
World Porridge Day Gluten Free Recipes: Children's Porridge Recipe

Why not make World Porridge Day into a family event? A little bear or Goldilocks will love these cute porridge bowls! Quick and easy to make, simply arrange fresh fruit into animal faces to give growing children the healthiest start possible. We used banana, blueberries and pumpkin seeds to make this adorable teddy bear face.
Read the advice for introducing gluten free oats into your child's diet.


Not a fan of porridge? Here's some other ways to get your oats...

Gluten Free Bircher
Gluten Free Bircher Muesli Recipe

The perfect lazy breakfast that can be made the night before, bircher museli is ideal for busy people that need a proper breakfast.

Gluten Free Flapjacks
Gluten Free Flapjack Recipe

Flapjacks are a great snack on the go and are perfect for children's lunchboxes. They can easily be made in batches to make sure you always have a healthy snack ready.

Gluten Free Muesli
Gluten Free Muesli Recipe

Fruit, nuts, oats and seeds are a winning combination for anyone on a health kick.

Gluten Free Granola Bars
Gluten Free Granola Bar Recipe

These chewy, buttery gluten free granola bars will make supermarket cereal bars seem pale in comparison.


*Can Everyone with Coeliac Disease Eat Oats?

Most people with coeliac disease can tolerate pure uncontaminated oats.  However, a small number of people may not tolerate oats.  If you have any concerns, please seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Can Children with Coeliac Disease Eat Oats?

The current advice for children with coeliac disease is that after initial diagnosis oats should be avoided and then introduced and monitored once a strict gluten free diet has been followed, usually after a year. Please speak to your healthcare professional before introducing oats into your child’s diet.

Our oats are harvested to ensure that they aren’t contaminated with gluten at any point in the manufacturing process. They’re the only oats available on prescription, guaranteeing a safe supply of gluten free oats.

Juvela gluten free pure oats


 *Available on prescription
If you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales and have been clinically diagnosed with coeliac disease, you can obtain the Juvela Gluten Free Pure Oats as part of your monthly prescription.
Check with your GP or dietitian before introducing gluten free oats in your diet.