The Benefits of a Gluten Free Prescription

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, both new and long-term members of the Juvela community told us how their gluten free prescription helped them. We want to assure you that we are here to support you, no matter what the future brings.

Challenges for the Coeliac Community 
The main difficulty for people with coeliac disease during the pandemic has been the lack of gluten free food in supermarkets. The panic-buying at the beginning of the lockdown meant that many people were buying gluten free food despite not needing it, leaving people with coeliac disease limited access to food that they need.

How Gluten Free Prescriptions Helped
Our customer service team heard from many people who have said that their gluten free prescription helped reduce their stress and anxiety about getting their staple gluten free food.

The benefits of taking a gluten free prescription during this time included:

  • A safe supply of gluten free food 
    A gluten free prescription is separate from the weekly shop in supermarkets. Only you or someone on your behalf can pick up your gluten free prescription, meaning it will always be in stock for you.

  • Guaranteed access to gluten free food
    Some people may not live near a large supermarket with gluten free food in stock, while others may be on a low income. Staple gluten free food on prescription ensures a guaranteed supply of safe food.

  • Help to meet your raised nutritional requirements
    People with coeliac disease may need more of certain vitamins and minerals after being unable to digest food properly before diagnosis. Gluten free foods on prescription are fortified with calcium and B vitamins to help you stay healthy.

If you think accessing gluten free food on prescription will be helpful to you, check out our prescription advice page for more information.

To make changes to your gluten free prescription, download a copy of our request form here.


How We Supported Our Customers
Our bakery staff have been working hard throughout the pandemic, with strict social distancing measures in place, to ensure that there’s always Juvela products in stock! 

The Juvela bakery team are handing over a cardboard box of gluten free bread to a local foodbank volunteer

We also donated to local foodbanks by our bakery in Wales to ensure that those with dietary requirements can safely access gluten free food in these difficult times.

We're Here To Help
We'd like to remind you that our customer service staff are working as normal from home to offer advice and answer any questions you may have. Whether you're stuck on a recipe or need advice about your gluten free prescription, we're here to help and always will be.