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Top up your gluten free prescription at our online shop

05.05.2023 | by Juvela

Top up your gluten free prescription at our shop

In England, gluten free prescribing is limited to breads and flour mixes. But... you can always top up your gluten free prescription at our shop! Our shop boxes mean you can access all our gluten free everyday essentials.

How it works 


First, choose which type of gluten free product box you want:

Fresh Bread Box

fresh loaves and rolls. 

Baker Box

fresh loaves and rolls, long life loaves and rolls, and flour mixes

Mixed Box

a bit of everything – fresh loaves and rolls, long life loaves and rolls, flour mixes, cereals, oats, pasta, pizza bases and crispbread

Pantry Box

no flour mix, but a mixture of everything else

Chicken & Avocado on Fresh White Loaf. Available in all shop boxes.

Recipe suggestion: Fresh White Loaf available in all shop boxes.


You’ve chosen your box. Now it’s time to choose what goes in it!

Choose from the following gluten free products...

Fresh white and fibre loaves and rolls

Long life and part baked loaves and rolls

White and Fibre flour mixes

Part baked pizza bases


Breakfast Cereals & Pure Oats


Leave the rest to us....once you've chosen your box contents, you will receive your personalised gluten free box in the post.

Recipe suggestion: Part Baked Rolls available in the Baker Box, Mixed Box and Pantry Box


Juvela gluten free products help you maintain a healthy and safe gluten free diet, without compromising on taste.

Subscribe to ensure you always have a steady supply of delicious staple gluten free foods.

Your subscription is fully flexible — you can cancel, pause or change at any time!

Recipe suggestion: Lemon Drizzle Cake made with our Flour Mix available in the Mixed Box and Pantry Box. 

All boxes are shipped with free delivery within the UK mainland

Box prices

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Fill a box with our award-winning gluten free foods and we’ll deliver it to your door.

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Gluten Free Food on Prescription

Help with gluten free

Read more

Help with gluten free

Unsure if you’re eligible or want to find out more about setting up a gluten free prescription?

Read more

Recently diagnosed with
coeliac disease?

Order free starter pack

Recently diagnosed with
coeliac disease?

We offer a complimentary starter pack* to allow you to try a selection of gluten free foods before setting up a prescription. Apply here or get in touch

Order free starter pack

*Starter packs are for those medically diagnosed with coeliac disease and in prescribing areas

All our products are certified by Coeliac UK. Coeliac UK is the charity for people who need to live without gluten. They provide independent, trustworthy advice and support so people can live well, gluten free. We’re proud to show the Crossed Grain trademark on our products so you know they’re gluten free and safe for you.

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