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Setting up your gluten free prescription

26.07.2023 | by Juvela

Life is so busy so maybe you’ve just not had time to set up your gluten free prescription? Can we help?

Having a few basic staples on prescription is a great start for your gluten free diet.

If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

A gluten free prescription is a great way to ensure a safe and regular supply of your favourites. It’s an easy process - make an appointment to see or speak to your GP and let them know what you would like on your monthly prescription.

Take our handy request form with you which may help the GP in making sure you receive the product that you want.


Wales & Northern Ireland 

What happens next?

Take your prescription to a local pharmacy who will order it (in the same way as they order medication) and you can collect it…usually within a couple of days.

An then you will be all set up for your monthly repeat prescription – remember to collect the products as soon as possible, especially fresh bread as it has a short shelf life.

If you live in Scotland 

The Gluten Free Food Service will explain the number of units you are entitled to each month and will provide you with an order form to give to a pharmacy. You can then nominate a pharmacy of your choice who will set up and dispense your gluten free prescription.

Each month you will need to complete a new order form with your selection for that month. This gives you the flexibility to change or add to your order regularly.

Feedback from those using the Gluten Free Food Service has identified several benefits:

  • Access to a reliable monthly supply of safe, staple gluten free foods.
  • More control over how you manage your gluten free diet.
  • Able to make changes to your monthly order without the need for a GP appointment.
  • Access to an annual health check with your local pharmacist
  • Regular support and advice from your local pharmacy team.

Gluten Free Food on Prescription

Help with gluten free

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Help with gluten free

Unsure if you’re eligible or want to find out more about setting up a gluten free prescription?

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Recently diagnosed with
coeliac disease?

Order free starter pack

Recently diagnosed with
coeliac disease?

We offer a complimentary starter pack* to allow you to try a selection of gluten free foods before setting up a prescription. Apply here or get in touch

Order free starter pack

*Starter packs are for those medically diagnosed with coeliac disease and in prescribing areas

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